Why Employee Learning and Development Is Crucial

BY Judah Hirsch Articles

Why Employee Learning and Development Is Crucial

Employee learning and development is often a neglected aspect of the job. Many HR departments think that once they hire somebody, then it’s up to them to pretty much learn more and develop themselves.

The result of ignoring your employees’ learning and development can mean a high attrition rate. This is especially disconcerting if your company keeps losing their top talents.

It makes good business sense to invest in your people because they’re the backbone of any business. If you have a pool of talents that can’t keep up with the times, then your company as a whole won’t be able to innovate and beat the competition.

More than just the obvious benefit to your company’s business performance, helping your workforce grow means that they’ll likely be loyal, productive employees.

The thinking is, “My company cares about me, so I’ll take care of them in return.

In order for employee learning and development to be successful, you have to provide continuous training—not just at the beginning. This is so the employee can expand his knowledge and skillset, giving him a sense of growth in the role he’s holding.

Make sure to also provide learning opportunities where employees are challenged and can exercise their own autonomy.

Another way to do this is to involve their immediate superiors. Encourage their higher ups to form individual development plans that can help each one expand their repertoire.

Lastly, make sure to give flexible learning and development options. Every person is different and some might learn at a different pace, have a different learning style, or want to improve another aspect of their skillset.

Letting them have a say in their own learning and development will only serve to make them more committed and dedicated to the said process.

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