We put the “Certain” in “Uncertainty”: Salarium keeps employees together as they work apart during the COVID-19 lockdown

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We put the “Certain” in “Uncertainty”: Salarium keeps employees together as they work apart during the COVID-19 lockdown

The unwelcomed arrival of COVID-19 in the country has greatly challenged how businesses operate, displacing a lot of workers. At Salarium, we ensured that our employees are secured on their jobs, as our clients continue to rely on our all-online Transparent Timekeeping, Effortless Payroll, and Secure Payout more than ever.

That’s why during this time of great uncertainty, we strive to be one of the things that our employees can certainly count on. Here’s how we took care of everyone during the March-to-June lockdown so we can keep them together at heart and in company spirit, as we all work physically apart:

The Ultimate Flex

We were running our business more than usual. To completely adapt to this very limiting situation, we had to get as flexible as we can with our company policies and practices. We’ve reorganized priorities; taking into consideration each and every one of our employees’ work-from-home situations so we can set reasonable deadlines for task completion, without compromising quality.

Virtualization was also non-negotiable, so we’ve invested as much as we can in technology to keep online coordination between teams and team members as efficient as possible. We also provided our employees with work-related webinars and other e-learning materials.

A Source of Truth

The spread of fake news has been overwhelmingly rampant as well. With everyone spending more time online than they were before the pandemic, unreliable information can cause more unnecessary panic and anxiety.

We want to be someone that our employees turn to for verified news and information on COVID-19. Our HR Team has been actively tuning in to reliable sources for updates, then disseminates it to everyone via our official chat channel. These include government announcements, health advisories, and tips on how to maximize remote work set-ups.


Our HR Team can only do so much, and they can’t take care of everyone alone. Our team leaders also had to step up their games when it comes to helping their team members adjust to the pandemic and easily adapt to the changes that the company needed to implement.

Cinta Posadas, our Sales Operations Manager, spiced up her team’s start-of-the-week meeting by organizing a dance workout. “Work-from-home set up continues, but the team and I mixed things up for our Monday morning huddle by jump-starting our week with an exercise! Just like in the office, it’s best to stretch out once in a while so our bodies don’t ache. Regular stretching can help reduce neck and shoulder pain while giving yourself a break every so often boosts productivity”.


To lighten everyone’s work-from-home mood and help ease anxiety, one of our employee engagement initiatives is having daily challenges and games on how they cope, topped with a lot of wit and humor. Here are some of our winners:

Employees express gratitude

Thankfully, our efforts were not in vain. As we now transition into GCQ, employees express their gratitude towards the company for keeping the Salarium family, a family.

In our family, no one gets left behind. Aside from assisting employees on availing health care, Salarium also raised funds internally to help our employees that struggled financially.

Executives Thankful to employees’ continued commitment

Finally, during our last virtual general assembly for the ECQ and MECQ, our top executives took some time to acknowledge everyone’s continued commitment despite a very inconvenient work set-up.

The lockdown was undeniably challenging for everyone, but it also brought the best in our employees”. Our Human Resources and Admin Head, EC Cristobal, shared. “They didn’t allow our operations to stop, and everyone learned the value of staying connected—that there is no such thing as over-communicating”.

Our employees know exactly what to work on. Everyone has been responsible in meeting their deliverables, maximizing our processes and tools so we can work with minimal disruptions”. Pearlie Chua, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) said. “Managers were able to reprioritize tasks, delegate them properly, and track progress”.

I couldn’t be more proud of how our staff has evolved and adapted through this changing situation”. Brent Denning, our Chief Operating Officer (COO) shared. “At the core, they have continued to serve our customers, adapting, overcoming challenges, changing the way they communicate, collaborate, and deliver services. It really demonstrates how adaptable teams can be if they are focussed on a clear objective.

Judah Hirsch, our Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said that he’s really “thankful for everyone’s dedication, and appreciates all the work that was done so far”. With this, Judah is confident that Salarium will be able to transition into the New Normal even stronger.

In Salarium, we consider our employees as our most valuable asset, and we want them to enjoy their work with us. Be a part of our Salarium family! We are hiring virtually. Visit https://www.salarium.com/careers/ or email us at [email protected] for vacancies.

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