Top Employee Retention Strategies That Work

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Top Employee Retention Strategies That Work

One of the most common bane of many companies out there is trying to retain their workforce—especially the ones who are talented and achievers. After all, it’s much more expensive to acquire new employees than to retain them. Knowing this fact, there are employee retention strategies you can use in order to make sure your attrition rate remains low. Below are just some tips you can use.

Hire the Best Fit For the Role and the Company

If you want someone who’ll stay for the long-term, make sure to start from the beginning. This means that when you’re looking to hire the right person for a position, begin at the interview stage.

Make sure know what you’re looking for and be aware of any red flags that may show unreliableness or unpredictability. Make it a point to thoroughly suss out job history. Are they the type to job hop or have they stayed for many years before moving on to another job?

Fulfill Their Core Needs

Many studies have shown that people need to feel that what they’re doing is contributing to a bigger whole and that they’re not just a cog in the wheel. This also helps employees like they belong within the company.

You can do this by giving feedback and letting employees know the results of what they’ve worked for so far. This then allows them to be proud of something concrete that they know they’ve really worked on.

Promote Work/Life Balance

There’s nothing like an overworked pool of employees feeling burned out and resigning one by one. The fact of the matter is, people are not robots. In order to keep everyone working at their best, you have to have fun programs in place that are not work related and making sure that no one is working beyond his or her capacity.

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