Top 5 Wellness Programs You Can Incorporate in Your Workplace

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Top 5 Wellness Programs You Can Incorporate in Your Workplace

Improving employee wellness has a lot of benefits. Not only does it make more people in the office engaged, but it also keeps them productive and happy while keeping employee turnover at a minimum. Below are some great wellness programs you can easily incorporate in your workplace.

Provide Free Healthy Snacks

Providing free snacks is a great fringe benefit for employees, but if you want to take it up a notch higher, why not make your free snacks healthy? This way, they can satisfy their afternoon and mid-morning cravings without the usual bad effects of typical junk foods.

Have a Creative Space

Allot a free, empty space in your office where people can meet and collaborate creatively. Instead of opting for the usual stuffy design for the chairs and tables, why not have something more comfortable to better let people’s creativity flow.

Provide Personal Development Books and Courses

Another great way to support people’s growth is to have personal development books and courses for your people. You can either have the books in the lounge area or arrange a borrowing system so others can read it to their own liking. For the courses, superiors can coordinate with the HR Department for professional development seminars that employees can attend.

Have a Little Diversion Available

To make your office a fun place where employees feel fully rejuvenated when taking a break, why not have a tennis table installed in the pantry or any other similar games. It gives the double purpose of making them active and providing an engaging space to use.

Provide Gym Discounts

There’s nothing like gym discounts to encourage people to be active and healthy. Including this in your list of fringe benefits can attract qualified employees as well as serve as a tax incentive for the company.

Why Employee Wellness Programs Are Important

Employee wellness programs are a significant part of business. Karen Smith, Director of Health and Wellness Services in Rose & Kiernan Inc., states that “Employee health affects more than just medical costs. A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce.”

We could say then that employee wellness often also translates to corporate wellness. If you have a fit, healthy workforce, then organizations can see a lot less sick leaves, medical costs, and compensation claims.

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