Top 3 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

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Top 3 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Having an engaged workforce is crucial for company innovation and for moving the organization forward. If your company suffers from a high rate of disengaged employees, then you could be losing precious customers along the way. Since engaged employees are productive and almost always go the extra mile, it’s in your best interests to make it one of your priorities. Increasing employee engagement can be done through the following tips.

Take time to appreciate employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways. Bob Nelson.

Appreciate Your Employees

Employees who feel appreciated and acknowledged build a trusting, energizing atmosphere to work in. It was also published in one of the articles in Entrepreneur that “Employees with supervisors who are supportive and appreciative are 1.3 times more likely to stay with the company and are also 67% more engaged than their counterparts.”

Build Authentic Relationships

Businesses are made up of real people with a need for belongingness. An employee who feels like he or she belongs in the company is bound to invest more time and energy in their work. Moreover, when superiors nurture a connection with their team, camaraderie is formed and everyone benefits by being able to work harmoniously together.

Break Up the Routine

There’s nothing like changing things up to foster collaboration and creativity. If there’s one thing that encourages disengagement—it’s the dull, unchallenging way of doing things. Although many jobs have a routine aspect, it doesn’t mean that employees can’t try different things outside of their roles. For instance, sponsor monthly tournaments on fun ideas or concepts such as a hobby showcase or departmental sports contests.

The Secret to Employee Engagement

The secret to employee engagement is that there’s really no secret. Many companies have their own unique corporate culture and in order to know what will work or not, all you have to do is ask and survey them. Sometimes, it might just take you aback how surprisingly simple the solutions are.

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