Top 3 Training Strategies You Should be Using Now

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Top 3 Training Strategies You Should be Using Now

Training is an essential part of any organization. If you want to help make your company aims and objectives a reality, having a strategy in place for training your workforce is a must. More than the organizational effect, however, employees also stand to gain a lot since training strategies improve their skills and abilities to work on their job roles. If you want to be able to respond to the ever-changing needs of the time, below are some training strategies you should be incorporating now.

Make Apprenticeship and Coaching Programs Available

Apprenticeship and coaching programs are a great way for employees to learn, improve their skills, and receive specialized knowledge from their more seasoned colleagues. Apprenticeships and mentorships are already proven learning systems in which individuals can learn on-the-job experience as well as technical training.

Encourage Employee Involvement

Although the common perspective is that employees are passive participants, it doesn’t mean that you can’t encourage a more active employee involvement. To get more employees onboard, ask and survey the kind of skills they want to learn and if they have any suggestions for them. This way, employees will feel like they had a hand in mapping out the training strategies and are likely to invest more of their time and energy into participating once training starts.

Have a Holistic Approach to Development

One of the few countries that use a holistic approach to development is Japan. Aside from investing in skill development, many companies there also invest in off-the-job learning. Unlike in US where learning about one’s roles mostly happens during business interactions, a holistic approach to development improves many different aspects of the individual and not just the ones related to a person’s job role.

Training Benefits

Strategizing your training initiatives gives a lot of benefits. Among these are: improved morale, increased productivity, reduced supervision, reduced errors, and better organizational ability. Bersin & Associates’ claims that the best HR practice is one that’s able to “align HR strategies with the business to deliver the greatest return.”

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