Time to Unplug: How A Time Tracking Tool Can Help Against Work Burnout

BY Myla Eder Articles

Time to Unplug: How A Time Tracking Tool Can Help Against Work Burnout

Seasoned remote workers consider their flexible schedule as the biggest benefit of working remotely. However, a huge challenge for many is how to avoid burnout due to their inability to unplug from work. Here’s how a time tracking tool can encourage your employees to manage their time efficiently and have a healthy work-life balance.

Exhausted Remote Workforce

While a huge majority have a positive view on remote work, there are several challenges that hinder it from becoming a truly rewarding experience. Not being able to unplug is on the top of the employees’ list. 

According to the 2021 State of Remote Work published by Buffer.com, 45 percent of those who were surveyed believe that they are working more now compared to when they were showing up at the office.

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Maria Fabreag, a government employee, is one of those experiencing the negative impact of the work from home system since her office shifted to remote work due to the pandemic.

She says, “Home had always been my sanctuary before the pandemic. Even after a long, hard day at work, I knew I could go home, rest my mind, and recharge— ready to face the next day’s battles. The work from home setup changed all that. Now there are no boundaries between work and rest. While working from home helped me save on lunch money and gas, it also forced me to stretch my body’s limits. I often extend my work hours just because I can. And this has negatively affected my health and mental well-being.”

In the Work Trend Index study conducted by Microsoft Corp., at least three in every five workers in the Philippines feel overworked. This isn’t surprising as the digital intensity of workers’ days has significantly increased. Proof to this are the climbing numbers of time spent in meetings, emails, chats, and people working on documents. They also noted that 62 percent of calls and meetings are “unscheduled or conducted ad hoc.”

Finding the Right Balance

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Not being able to unplug from work can harm your employees’ mental health and productivity. However, a big challenge is to minimize burnout without sacrificing productivity.  Managers should be clear about the number of hours an employee should work, even if they are given a flexible schedule. Setting the core hours for work availability and having clear and realistic goals for the week are just some of the ways to find the right balance.

It’s important to set boundaries as it would help people manage their time and accomplish their work without bleeding into other areas of life. An effective time tracking tool is therefore essential as it will give insight into the hours worked.

Salarium’s Time Tracking Tool

time to unplug salarium

Monitoring your employees’ time and attendance shouldn’t be a stress-inducing task with a simple time tracking tool that works. Salarium combines timekeeping, payroll, and payout in one software.

For remote workers, Salarium has a mobile check-in feature that allows them to clock in and out through their mobile devices anywhere. There’s no need to download any application as the web bundy clock feature works on most web browsers. With Salarium, it’s also easy to file and approve requests for leaves, time disputes, and schedule changes.
Salarium offers affordable packages that may be suitable for your company starting with just Php 50 per employee per month. Sign up for a 30-day free trial to Salarium’s time tracking tool and other features here.


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