The Future of On-Site Timekeeping is Here

BY Cloey Mangali Articles

The Future of On-Site Timekeeping is Here

The global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have truly changed our lives. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have taken health and safety protocols seriously. The government has required us to wear face masks in public places, and we are strongly advised to wash our hands as frequently as we can and socially distance ourselves from each other. 

When the pandemic broke out, public establishments closed, and the government prohibited social gatherings, leisure activities, and large events. Students had no other choice but to resort to homeschooling, and organizations have implemented skeletal workforce arrangements. These extreme measures were all taken to keep the virus from spreading like wildfire.

We are battling with COVID-19 for nearly nine months now, and most of us have adjusted to the new norm. Public establishments and public transport have reopened with imposed health and safety protocols. 

Some organizations have allowed only some of their employees to report on-site to avoid crowding. Practicing good hygiene and social distancing are now a part of our lives. Indeed, we have learned how to live with COVID-19, but can we say we are 100% safe from being infected by the virus?

Cause and effect

As businesses are now allowing their employees to work on-site, safety may not be as risk-free as they thought. Sure, these organizations require their employees to wear face masks and face shields inside their offices. However, studies say that the virus lives on surfaces between several hours and several days. 

Fingerprint biometrics attendance system is considered a hotspot of the virus as it is a highly touched surface.  With this knowledge, fingerprint-based timekeeping systems are still widely used in the country. Organizations that use this system may unknowingly be putting their employees’ health and safety at risk. 

The ongoing pandemic drastically changed how we approach our health and safety today, and even once it is over. Let us not forget that viruses may spread without our knowing, and this kind of experience is not unlikely to happen again. Thus, there was a need to design a timekeeping service to help people stay safe and healthy without compromising efficiency and functionality. 

This new timekeeping service is focused not only to fight COVID-19 but to help prevent a pandemic from happening again in the future. With that in mind, we will have to up our health and safety precautions for our benefit and the benefit of our future generations to come.

Our solution to yours

Now is the perfect time for organizations to replace fingerprint biometrics with a touchless time and attendance system. With this, we bring you, FacePass, Salarium’s touchless time and attendance solution. Users no longer need to touch surfaces that may be home to various kinds of viruses.

FacePass is Salarium’s Touchless Time and Attendance Solution powered by S.A.F.E. Tech. This service automates your workplace’s safety entry protocols and efficiently monitors your employees’ time and attendance at the same time—all without the need for physical contact.

It features an advanced facial recognition device that can even detect face masks, scan body temperature, and record clock-ins at the same time. It is seamlessly integrated into Salarium’s timekeeping system. You can easily track and manage shifts, schedules, overtime, undertime, and leaves; and complete attendance reports instantly.We bring this solution because it is not just ourselves that we save, but also the lives of everyone else battling the situation. Let us change the world together. Switch to our touchless time and attendance solution and make the switch to FacePass. For more information, you may visit our website:

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