Super Cool Employee Benefits You Never Thought You Wanted


Employee benefits are provided to further motivate an employee with his or her current job. While every company has these benefits, some do take it to the next level. Here are some of the insanely unique employment packages according to Business Daily that you never thought exists.


Free education

Not everyone can afford to pay for one’s education. This is why Starbucks offer employees educational assistance. The offer is a full tuition coverage, by Arizona State University’s online program, for employees who work for 20 hours a week.


Free meal all day and everywhere else in the office 

Yes, Google won’t be stopped in giving out generous benefits for their employees. They also provide free gourmet breakfast, lunch, and even dinner for employees that stay longer in the office. Juice and coffee bars also surround the whole site.


Year round paid leave for both parents

In Netflix, both maternity and paternity leaves are recognized. This company offers a whole year of paid leaves to new parents and have the option to work part-time if they wish to do so.


Baby cash

Did you know about this insane benefit that Facebook offers to parents and soon-to-be parents? Both Mom and Dad get a 4-month long paid parental leave. Daycares and other baby related expenses are also reimbursable. To top it off, new parents get a bonus of $4,000 in cash.

Feeling envious? We know how you feel. But at the end of the day, all we can do is do our best and be thankful for what we have. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a job like ours. You’ll never know, maybe one day we might get to enjoy the same perks they have!


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