Stop Taking Attendance on Excel!

BY Jules Dalmacio Articles

Stop Taking Attendance on Excel!

Attendance is a 2-way street; employees show up to have attendance, and HRs take their attendance. It’s simple at the same time also complicated. Showing up means you have attendance but your tardiness records or under time reasons are supposed to be just yours. If you’re taking attendance on Excel, that’s one compromise that you’ll have to take. What other reason should deter HRs from taking attendance on Excel?

Human Errors from Both Ends

When there’s a mistake in payroll, our mind immediately jumps to HR. The same can’t be said for mistakes in attendance. This 2-way street has people on both sides and where there are people, there’s human error. Taking attendance on Excel means input from employees and input from HR and every input is an error waiting to happen. Especially now when more and more employees are working from home, attendance without a bundy-clock is also becoming more popular but sadly, Excel isn’t the best tool for remote attendance taking.

Prone to Time Theft

If something is error-prone, it’s also exploitable and regardless of company values, some people will always choose gratification over principle. When you’re taking attendance on Excel, there are two possibilities: you are taking attendance data from supervisors that take them or everyone has access to the attendance Excel file and can input their own data. Regardless, both methods are prone to time theft. Time theft is when the company is paying employees for hours that they did not put in the work or even showed up. Using Excel for attendance creates a system where users can produce their own version of time-in and –out regardless of if they were present or not. 

Eligibility Tracking is a Nightmare

If you want to give attendance incentives, the more comprehensive the rules of the incentives are, the more complicated it will translate as an Excel formula–it might even be erroneous. Perfect attendance incentives for example can be determined if an employee has no tardiness and absences for a cutoff or a month. However, if you introduce grace periods, you now have to measure ins and outs against that. By introducing more benefits to your attendance tracking system, you also effectively make determining eligibilities for such benefits more complicated and time consuming. Speaking of time consuming…

Wastes Too Much Time

If you want to streamline tracking attendance on Excel, you can put the responsibility to supervisors to take attendance and punch them on a shared file. This eats productive time that the supervisor and team could be using better and it could be exploited by employees. If you take attendance yourself manually, you’ll be wasting massive amounts of your time on something as menial and repetitive as attendance. There’s no way to sugarcoat it—taking attendance on Excel is a massive time and productivity waster.

If you’re still tracking attendance on Excel, it could also be a one way street to a dead-end career. It’ll be all that you’ll ever do and it will be all that will shine on your resume. Do more with your time and unlock more of your HR potential with a system that takes the attendance tracking tedium away from your hands. Register for a Salarium attendance and payroll software free trial today.

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