Stop doing Payroll on Excel!

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Stop doing Payroll on Excel!

How many steps does it take you to extract payroll data and translate it into actual in-pocket salaries? Go on, think about it and take your time.

Attendance and payroll is repetitive, constant, and tedious. You do it at least 24 times in a year and only get remedially better at it—not necessarily faster, not necessarily more accurate, but you can now catch yourself making some mistakes. And although you’re already hard on yourself, rest assured that employees are going to be quick to slice and dice if you make an error especially on their pay.

Here are some reasons for you to reconsider continuing to do payroll on Excel.

Horrendous Data Compilation

One employee’s attendance for a cutoff is already a lot of data. A team’s attendance information is a handful. A company’s attendance and payroll is ungodly. HR is expected to handle huge amounts of data on Excel regularly and seamlessly—something that only a system should be able to do. The amount of data we expect HRs to handle during payroll is not only ungodly, it puts on so much pressure since pay is sensitive to any employee.

Ctrl+Z becomes your Best Friend

When HR is already handling data on a horrendous platform, the mindset becomes “better to undo than to make a mistake.” You’ll grow very accustomed to ctrl+C and ctrl+V when processing payroll but you’ll be doing more ctrl+Z for safety. Tasks as sensitive as payroll should be automated to avoid human error, and speaking of automation…

Very Little Automation

Excel has very little options for automation. Yes, it can hold on to formulas. Yes, it can auto fill data. However all the inputs are still yours; if you make a mistake in input, payroll falls apart. You want a system that takes the attendance and computes the pay to improve accuracy. With Excel, you can only sort of do that if you share the sheet which brings us to our next reason—

Security is Always at Risk

Excel has shareability issues. If you are still computing payroll on Excel, chances are you are sending attendance and payroll data via a current saved version of the attendance file to accounting. Either that, or you’re manually bringing the file via USB. The first method is prone to data leaking; the second one is prone to corruption—both of them are unsecure. For something as sensitive as payroll, you want to be able to only share information to a limited number of relevant people without worrying if the data will leak or can be extracted through other means.

If you agree that you need a payroll and payout system that’s automated, more accurate, and not at all at risk of data breach, how about trying Salarium? Your trial is totally free so you can see for yourself how fast, easy, and secure payroll could and should be.

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