“Small” Excel Things That Waste HR’s Time More Than You Realize

BY Jules Dalmacio Articles

“Small” Excel Things That Waste HR’s Time More Than You Realize

Some employees think that HR work is easy. While every HR function is no walk in the park, some get so good at it that it starts to look as simple as a piece of cake. However, there are things that always keep eating up our precious time when it comes to HR and most of them are because of Excel.

Just when you think you have time under control, here are some Excel things that don’t seem consequential but are actually eating up a lot of your time.

Timekeeping and Payroll Formula

Formulas in open cells are always prone to deletion. This is especially true when we are working more hurriedly than normal. When it comes to timekeeping and payroll, HR moves at lightning pace because a delayed payroll is a legal liability in the Philippines. This also isn’t helped by the fact that protecting cells so that daily hours and payroll formulae may not be altered can take way too long to set up manually. It’s not just deletion, too; adding new columns could also potentially affect formulae.

It’s thus a time saver to have a payroll system that takes the data and automatically computes it for you with little to no human interaction.

Compensation and Benefits Formula

Similar to timekeeping and attendance with the added problem of formulas being so lengthy. Especially for values that require logical functions like compensation ceilings and bracketed qualification, compensation & benefits need more attention and input. This gets more complicated with more benefits that span simple to complex like tardiness grace periods to flexi-time perfect attendance bonuses. Government benefits are also dependent on mandate so executive adjustments have to also be done manually.

You can save time with a system that allows you to set rules, or work with people that help you set up a system that works seamlessly for you. You won’t need to create your own formulae and test them until you get them right only to have a backlog of deliverables waiting for you when you finish.

Closing and Opening Files

It seems so inconsequential and natural we don’t pay attention to it, but opening a file can take time. If a file needs 2 minutes to boot up and open, then another minute to fully load its content, adding 2 minutes for navigating folders to find a file and such, you’ve already lost 5 minutes. If you need to do this for more than 10 times every work day, you’re effectively losing 1 hour per day. While Excel is a pretty straightforward system, it can’t support big amounts of data without compromising on speed.

Systems that are built for HRs can also function as your workspace. You can refer to, check, manage, and monitor data on the platform with very little lag time.

Providing Information

You’d commonly be opening files to provide information to employees. Some need pretty straightforward data like SSS numbers or TIN. Others need more complicated bodies of information like how many of every type of leave they still have or how many times did they go beyond the grace period, and for how many minutes for the last 3 cutoffs. Your choices for sharing is to copy paste cells and send it to them, or carefully screenshot, highlight the information, and cut out all the other confidential or impertinent data. Some of this information should be easily available to employees like reviewing leaves and their attendance hours. However, if your company is keeping all the data on an Excel file, sharing the information becomes the function and burden of the HR.

With a system that can take attendance and also reflect the data to the employees, the intercession of an HR becomes minimal. You save so much time from both the employees’ end and the HR’s.

As we say in any industry, time is money. Anything that wastes time also effectively counts as money lost. Having powerful systems that support HR functions and make the work seamless and effortless is definitely an investiture towards a more productive and streamlined HR work funnel.

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