Redefining Normal: Are You Ready To Take The Switch To Touchless Time And Attendance Solutions?

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Redefining Normal: Are You Ready To Take The Switch To Touchless Time And Attendance Solutions?

We can all agree that, life as we know it, will not be back as soon as, or perhaps ever. As the prospects of the COVID-19 disease is still lingering just until a vaccine is found and made available on a global scale, such has transformed how the way people live and the way businesses operate. 

What most of us consider normal has already fundamentally shifted therefore termed as the ‘new normal’. Because of that, many companies are already and slowly shifting into thinking how the new normal will be for them. Work from home (WFH) for instance, has become the first major adjustment.

WFH set-ups have been a growing trend as the health crisis in the country is accelerating months after the spread of the virus. With the rapid progress in technology allowing people to communicate seamlessly wherever they are, many employers are now leaning into contactless solutions, therefore adopting various workforce arrangements for the safety of their employees. 

From remote meetings to remote hiring, more and more employers are now realizing that many functions in their companies can be done outside of the workplace, hence giving them the need to invest more in technology.

More than just social distancing

Industries are now starting to evolve and adapt in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Creating a safe, sanitized, seamless, and contactless experience has been widely observed as being vitally important to getting the economy back on its feet.

The new normal will see a world where face masks, social distancing, temperature checks, and large-scale testing and tracing are common. Such mitigating measures are strictly observed therefore requiring establishments to maintain and observe these guidelines to help prevent the spread of viruses.

As we all are at risk of getting infected every time we touch something, in our workplace for instance, the use of technology to create a more seamless, contactless experience has been greatly stressed, and thus accelerating the digital journey of many businesses.

Business and Measurement

The big switch

As businesses step into the post-coronavirus future, they need to find the balance between what worked before and what needs to happen to succeed in the next normal. Stringent measures have been implemented before businesses could reopen and go back to their daily operations.

One of the jurisdictions required to employers is the health screening of their employees upon entering the premises of their offices. Temperature checks and filling out of health questionnaires or checklists are part of the heightened requirements addressing this health issue.

To further sustain businesses during this pandemic while staying safe, contactless solutions are being utilized to protect the welfare of the people. One of which are touchless time and attendance solutions such as Salarium’s contactless timekeeping formula.

Touchless time and attendance solution

An Innovative change

Here at Salarium, we feel the need for ensuring your company’s effortless operation now more than ever. We know how to take care of our employees, and so can you.

So, to be both flexible and innovative in order to sustain businesses during these trying times, we are stepping up our game with the release of our new product, your next big thing to your timekeeping hiatus.

Staying safe while going touchless is never easy. Significantly reduce physical contact without sacrificing convenience and efficiency and take the switch to FacePass, Salarium’s touchless timekeeping solution.

Visit for more information regarding our new product and we assure you that we can help your company together even if you work apart during the quarantine.


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