Real Talk: Payroll & Attendance Suffocate HRs

BY Jules Dalmacio Articles

Real Talk: Payroll & Attendance Suffocate HRs

As an HR, our work should ideally be very people involved—the “H” in HR stands for Human after all. We’re supposed to be administrative support for people. This includes being able to provide services like administrative updating, employee welfare functions, work counseling, and other holistic functions.

However, if you’re a Compensation & Benefits (Comp&Ben) officer, it can be dehumanizing.

Your day involves reviewing, updating and monitoring attendance and payroll data on Excel. You fetch data from the biometrics. You extract the information and copy-paste them manually. You check the data. You check again. You submit the data for payroll and then you get a complaint that someone didn’t have an unwarranted salary deduction.

Why there was an error could be due to a number of things, some more major than others but always something that put significant pressure on an HR’s back. They may seem insignificant to others but for HRs, they could be career-defining or career-ending.

Selecting the Wrong Cell

Doing attendance and payroll is routinary. If you’re using Excel, it’s heavily repetitive and it can’t be automated. In between taking attendance from the biometrics and putting the attendance data on the payroll file, there’s you.

If a mistake happens, the first culprit is “human error”. That’s you and the mistake could simply be selecting the wrong cells. You might have copied from fewer or more cells than what is correct. You might have selected more or fewer cells to paste in.

It’s a mistake that becomes easier to make, the more employees there are. The number of  employees is proportional to your likelihood of error and therefore level of pressure.

Accidentally Pressing a Key

This one isn’t just an HR problem. It’s a problem with most any other profession that uses computers. Programmers might write errant code because of a mistype that will appear as bugs. Writers have it easier because they have spell check.

With HRs, when something is mistyped on Excel for payroll and attendance, it could go unnoticed until payday rolls out. Not just that; mistypes could happen randomly for a number of reasons. You might have pressed a wrong combination of alt, shift, and ctrl with a different key. Some are less apparent, like unintentional pressure on the keyboard. Since a lot of people are now working from home, pets interfering with work could also be a contributor to mistakes. Even a well-meaning coworker in the office might press a button that could ruin the whole payroll.

Changes Made by Someone Else

When using Excel for payroll and attendance, it’s usually just this one file that you work with and send to coworkers either for checking, processing, or other purposes. In the transition from transferring data from biometrics to spreadsheet, there’s already the possibility of human error. Such is all the more true if one file is being worked on and updated by different people.

In the same way that you might mistype a single value, or incorrectly select the wrong cell, the next person to handle the file is just as vulnerable as you. Determining where the problem lies is already hard with one person working on one document. When multiple people work on the same document, the margin of error increases exponentially.

People think that being an HR is easy, but the same people don’t think twice about raising eyebrows when small but reconcilable problems happen with their attendance or payroll. The issues we’ve raised are suffocating but that doesn’t even count things like faulty computer units, sudden power outages and problematic employees that make an HR’s work more difficult.

While we can’t solve all problems about a company, we can find a way to help you rise against payroll & attendance so you can breathe again. No more constant mistypes, copy and paste errors, and best of all, no more Excel spreadsheets. Our account managers are ready to listen. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

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