Productivity Hacks All Employees Need


Remember the times when work actually felt fun and you didn’t have to drag yourself to your desk? Remember the days when you weren’t stumped with mundane day-to-day tasks? Well, times have definitely changed and you may have lost the spark to keep going and your the motivation to be productive at work.

But fear not! We prepared these productivity hacks that will help give you the boost you’ve been itching for.


Productivity Hack #1: Neaten your workspace

Sticky notes, piles of documents and folders, and even empty snack wrappers from yesterday plague one’s typical desk. While it’s natural for our desks to get messy every now and then as an act of ‘personalization,’ a minimalist workspace is still ideal when it comes to productivity levels.

Why not messy desks?

A study in 2013 proved that chaotic desks induce creativity, but it hampers one’s output.

A 2011 study conducted by The Journal of Neuroscience discovered that there’s competition for your brain’s attention when multiple stimuli are present in your line of sight.

Better concentration equals better productivity, so eliminating unnecessary mess and distractions on your table surely helps.

Perhaps a pen, notebook, and a flower vase are enough?


Productivity Hack #2: Enjoy light chatters with peers

When the going gets tough, and the job appears to be very strenuous and routinary, the feeling of isolation will surely get to you.

Want a quick fix?

It won’t hurt to ask your workmate what he had for breakfast. This initiates a light conversation that will reset the boredom or tiredness you may feel.

You don’t necessarily have to occupy the office pantry to talk; you can even do it by just sitting on your desks while multi-tasking with work. What matters more are the brief and light moments you and your colleagues share.

And for sure, you’ll feel lighter afterward.


Productivity Hack #3: Plan and partition your office time ahead


Aside from fixed lunch breaks, a majority of companies don’t have set break times these days. As long as you get the workload done, you have absolute autonomy towards when to take it.

However, that shouldn’t mean you won’t be taking it anymore. Breaks are essential to ease the stress you’ve accumulated from staring too long at your laptop screen.

How do you manage your time then?

It’s plain simple. Before going to work, plan ahead of how you will use your office time. For instance, you can tell yourself, “I’ll be extremely focused on the first 2 hours, so I can have some slack time.”

There’s also the 30-5 rule where you’ll solely dedicate yourself to work for every thirty minutes, and the next five will be devoted to light chatters or other forms of mini-relaxation.


Productivity Hack #4: Mind what you eat –and do.

If you are to remember your most productive workday of last week, can you remember what you had for lunch that day?

Everything we eat is transformed into glucose, our body and brain’s source of energy to stay attentive. However, not all food are converted into glucose in the same phase. High fat and calorie meals like cheeseburgers and fries force our stomachs to work double, therefore, decreasing brain oxygen levels that make us feel slow.

Need an upsurge in productivity? These food choices may be better alternatives.

Of course, increasing one’s physical activity is also imperative. Needless to say, it improves blood circulation that’s good for our overall health. Also, you may want to refrain from drinking and partying with friends after work -especially when it’s just Tuesday.

Being productive encompasses resetting the amount of tiredness we’ve accumulated working. This enables us to work again from a ‘clean slate.’

Ever caught napping by your boss? What did you do to escape the humiliating situation? What productivity hacks were you able to develop after then? Please do enlighten us in the comment section.


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