Payroll will never be the same

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Payroll will never be the same

I am thrilled to share this news with our current and future clients that Salarium is now and forever FREE. From this day forward Salarium will no longer be a SaaS. While we still are providing and building the best HR and Payroll software in the Philippines and the region we will no longer be charging users to use it.

While this seems sudden, this is actually been in the works for over 18 months and there were a tremendous amount of pieces to the puzzle as well as the relentless effort of the Salarium team.

Over the past 2 years of our commercial operation of the company we have helped over 200 companies automate their Time, Attendance, and Payroll and have saved thousands of HRs hours of unneeded headache and stress and we will continue to do that in our new business model.

One of the biggest challenges we encountered with small and medium companies is the affordability of the solution against their working budget. Many often have to rely on excel or sub-par systems due to the costs of some solutions. While we strived to make Salarium affordable for all businesses big and small we realized that there were so many companies missing the opportunity because of the cost.

In addition over the past 18 months we rolled out and strengthened the offering of SAL Pay, our payment ecosystem which links in real time a company’s payroll computation directly to disbursement.¬†With this new offering we were able to finally reach our goal of offering Salarium completely for FREE when using SAL Pay to do a companies’ disbursement.

Our vision is to use our amazing free payroll platform to help bank the unbanked and provide real meaningful financial inclusion for all of our clients’ employees.

We will have some more amazing announcements over the next couple weeks and we look forward to changing the way your company does payroll.




Judah Z. Hirsch

Founder & CEO


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