“Our Supervisor Only Opens & Closes the Payroll File”

BY Jules Dalmacio Articles

“Our Supervisor Only Opens & Closes the Payroll File”

“Having complaints about payroll is a norm in our department now.” Payroll error happens too often, it has almost become an expectation from the HRs where Chi is working.

Chi calls herself as the people relations HR. “There’s only 3 of us, me, a colleague, and our supervisor. I’m in-charge of everything that has to do with talking to people so I’m both recruitment and counseling. My colleague does everything else like compensation, benefits, payroll, and all that.”

For a growing company of 60+ employees, Chi thinks that having only 3 HR personnel is insufficient. “We don’t even work with HR tools. Lahat ginagawa namin sa Excel (we do everything on Excel).” Chi shares that even her hiring process and onboarding information, she does on Excel instead of a streamlined HRIS. “Kaya I understand din bakit laging may mali sa payroll (that’s why I also understand why there’s always errors in payroll); we are always under time pressure with ‘free’ tools that can barely support us. I mean everything is manual; if we’re really buying time, I help with payroll kasi(because) if not, hindi kami aabot (we won’t make [the cutoff]).”

“The supervisor isn’t even supervising anymore.” In between always coordinating with the other teams, the supervisor is also running HR production processes like submitting government documents, helping with mass interviews, and processing attendance & payroll.

“Actually, when the payroll data is ready, we save it on a USB and the supervisor just opens and closes the file on his computer then forwards the USB to accounting.” This is not a secret to Chi and her colleague. Her supervisor comes clean to them to say “kung bubuksan ko ba, ano ichecheck ko(if I open the file, what should I be looking for)?” For context, he basically is part of the building the same attendance file when Chi’s colleague is busy with other stuff. They all agree that it’s redundant to sort through the data that’s already there and risk missing a payout deadline.

The situation has come to a point where addressing employee complaints has become more efficient than ensuring that the data was correct. “As long as there’s no critical error, we’ll handle the rest na lang (of the rabble).”

“What we really need is automation, kaya nga(that why) we ended up with you guys.” Chi ended up getting in touch with Salarium because it was cheaper than hiring but also, she believes that the system would address most of the pain points that they constantly need to endure. “Sobrang sigurado na kaming magsa-sign up(We’re dead set on signing up). So far, I can already focus on people relations, I’ve stopped helping with payroll. Our supervisor is learning the system too. He believes he can actually start supervising us after all this is sorted out.”

As of writing, Chi’s team is already on the 3rd week of their Salarium free trial and have expressed that they will proceed to signing up for the complete plan.

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