How To Make Payroll Processing Easier & Faster

BY Avan Tan Compensation

How To Make Payroll Processing Easier & Faster

Every organization’s HR team is important. They are responsible for building a competent workplace and in keeping employees engaged and motivated. Other key functions of HR include: payroll processing, monitoring employee information, and salary disbursement.

Payroll processing is a vital function for any business. Not being able to disburse your employees’ salary on time and accurately can lead to legal repercussions, decrease in employee morale, and can negatively impact your brand as an employer.

More than these, we believe that streamlining your payroll process will have a butterfly effect on your business and can contribute to your business growth.


  1. Stay organized and keep accurate records for payroll processing.

    Missing information such as clock-in/clock-out time will make you stop in the middle of the payroll to resolve the items. How your hr team manages necessary information will impact your payroll processing.

    We recommend you use a human resource information system (HRIS) to keep track of every information the hr needs.

    You should be using an automation software in today’s digital age. If your company does not have a digital mindset, you need to wake yourself up. You should not be left out, embrace the current technological shifts and utilize technology to streamline your business processes.

    Ever encountered a scenario when an employee forgets to clock-in or clock out?

  2. Set aside time

    You need to be deliberate and devote time every week to run your payroll. This prevents you from rushing through and risk miscalculations, or any other human errors. There should a payroll team inside your HR department whom are dedicated in processing your company’s payroll accurately and on time.

  3. Automate Your Payroll

    Consider using a software with an automated time and attendance system. This will significantly decrease the amount of time you spend in payroll calculation and salary disbursement. Look for an all-in-one payroll software, you can turn the tedious and time consuming task of payroll processing into a minute’s work.

    The benefits of automating your payroll process outweighs the monthly cost, and the effort needed to set it up.

  4. Outsource Your Payroll

    Another way to take away the burden of manual payroll processing is to outsource the whole process to a trusted payroll outsourcing company. This free’s up your employees time, ensure that

    This is another way to free up time for your HR team. Its benefits include:

    – Free’s up your employees time

    – Ensure payroll is processed accurately and on time

    – Delegate tedious processes

    – Guarantee government compliance



Saving time on payroll will grant your HR department more time on more important matters such as employee engagement, employer branding, and other strategic human resource activities that would impact your organization’s growth.

As you are aiming for business growth and as you make plans to achieve you annual revenue goal, do not neglect a tiny but vital part in your business. Automating or outsourcing your payroll software will have a butterfly effect on your organization, affecting a lot of areas you never imagine.


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