Three Simple Ways to Maintain Company Culture

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Three Simple Ways to Maintain Company Culture

Three Simple Ways to Maintain Company Culture

Google implements a company culture of “Do No Evil” with an emphasis on innovation.

Google’s executives do this through a process known as the 70/20/10 Model. Employees dedicate 70% of their time to fundamental job tasks. Then they move on 20% to core-related projects. They also allot 10% to new initiatives. What other company cultures do you think can lead to the same success?

If your company focuses on camaraderie, then you already have a head start. But if you allow this company culture to fade, it will be detrimental to your company.

Benefits of a Healthy Company Culture

A healthy company culture can produce positive effects to the whole company. These are some significant benefits to maintaining a company culture.

  1. Employee Retention

So you have a culture that fosters harmonious cooperation and innovative contributions. Then everyone in the company should be participating in its maintenance. This boosts the morale and creates a positive working attitude. It also encourages the employees to continue working together.

When you do not check how your company culture works, it will result to loss of workers. CPP conducted a study on workplace conflict in 2008. Conflict caused 35% of U.S. employees to leave their company. This was either through firing or quitting. So the HR office needs to deal with increased costs for recruitment, hiring, and training. It is essential to create a working environment wherein every worker thrives with each other.

  1. Positive Company Reputation

A healthy, well-maintained company culture creates a domino effect of advantages for the company. People will note something good in a company with a healthy culture. They will realize that it will be good to apply one’s talent and skills in working there. People are also more enthusiastic in patronizing the products and services of that company. The company will be able to charge higher prices for their products and services. They will also rank higher in the financial market.

  1. Compounded Quality and Productivity

Another significant advantage with a well-maintained company culture is st in your job, in whatever task.  Higher salaries and more benefits are the icing in the cake for the worker. So the company will earn increased profits.

How To Maintain Your Company Culture

            Now that I have laid out the benefits, let’s talk about how to achieve this goal. Here are three tried-and-proven ways to maintain a company culture.

  1. Connect with everyone, no matter what rank they hold in the company.

Workers’ relations are best nurtured in group activities. They prove equal treatment for each one, despite social status and rank. These activities can be office rituals, group meals, and outings. Here employees are able to trust more in their colleagues and their employers.

This way is also effective in including and educating new hires in the company culture. Martina Welke of Zealyst said: “As we scale, the rituals will become part of the company identity. They are something we can share with new employees to welcome them into the fold.”

  1. Foster team bonding.

Yes, individual worker’s achievements are often lauded. But worker collaboration is still the best way to go, especially for a growing company. You need to consider systems of cooperation. Assign employees from different departments to work together on projects. In the process, they will get to know each other and form bonds. Cement in their minds that they need not be alone and isolationist in the company. But, instead be open to working with others, even those with different personality types. You’ll never know what great thing you will achieve if you do not try this way.

  1. Reinforce your company values from hiring to working.

You need to take special attention in your company’s hiring process. Look beyond the impressive resumes, achievements, and prestigious universities. You need to make sure that the potential is compatible with the company culture. David Tomas of Cyberclick advised: “You need to bring in only those who can fit within your desired culture. Take your time with each hire. While you do this, make sure to follow the same hiring process you have already defined.” After the hiring, you need to enforce your company values to the employees. Empower workers by awarding them in a manner unique to your company culture.

Always Protect Your Company Culture

Nurture your company culture. Develop and let it grow positive with the employees. But never allow it to fail and fade. Nor should it fall to neglect. Protect your company culture from incompatible workers. You need to maintain it because it is how the workers reflect the company’s vision. This ensures a healthy working environment that leads to productivity and loyal commitment.

When you work in such a company, you feel more motivated to commit to growing with the company. You will resign from a company when you think the workers are no longer following the company values.

Let me end this article with something profound for you to think about. Case in point. In the words of Brian Kristofek, President and CEO of Upshot:

“Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.”


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