Lessons from the Pandemic: Employee Experience is the New Secret to Business Success

BY Jules Dalmacio Articles

Lessons from the Pandemic: Employee Experience is the New Secret to Business Success

There is a new movement in customer satisfaction. Have you ever been to a store where, no matter the quality of the item, your experience is ruined by an indifferent staff? Is there a restaurant that you like visiting because despite the averages menu, every crew knows your name? More and more businesses are hinging their growth on keeping employees happy. This movement or phenomenon is being called Employee Experience.

Major Shift in Business Goal Orientation

The recent pandemic has opened the eyes of many. This holds true for business owners. Massive layoffs meant that companies are much more invested in keeping and cultivating only the best of the best. That’s not all—the workforce has also taken a stronger stance in emphasizing their value. Bad employers deserve bare minimum work.

Business are now keen on keeping the best employees; applicants are now more aware of their worth. The shift to employee experience is changing business landscapes for the better.

Employees affect Customer Experience

If employees do the bare minimum, it will never be enough for business to please customers. One of the greater realizations that the Employee Experience has brought to light is that happy employees are key to cultivating a happy customer base. From all fronts (not only customer care), improved productivity, and product/output value are part of creating memorable customer experiences.

Remote Work & Global Workforce

Under the umbrella of globalization, there’s never a shortage of great talent. In the same way, there will also be an abundance of unsatisfactory employees. More and more corporations, especially ones that have digital services and products, have a global workforce. Amazing talent can be found from anywhere in the world these days—retaining them is the challenges.

The shift to focusing on employee experience fixes that. Some companies are even on the top list of applicants because of equitable pay, benefits, and culture. A company that treats employees well will have applicants that enrich themselves just to get their foot in the door.

HR is Now More Pivotal to Business Success

A key player in this shift is HR. Applicants, employees, management are all hinged on how HR plans and executes programs that enrich work-life. As the frontlining personell for manpower, they are key to picking out the best of the best. As the conduit between employees and management, they play an important role in keeping both parties happy. HR is expected to arrive at solutions and execute plans that enrich work-life and compromises very little.

With the new focus on employee experience, it is possible that HR can also be held back by spreadsheets and administrative paper work. Monotonous and time-hungry workload like these tend to be the focus of a HR teams instead of people relations and employee analytics. To help HR help the company, there are systems that simplify tedious process like attendance, time-keeping, payroll, and government reports. Try Salarium and see how HR can make the shift to Employee Experience really happen. 

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