IT’S PAYDAY and 4 Reasons Why HRs can’t Hooray About It.

BY Jules Dalmacio Articles

IT’S PAYDAY and 4 Reasons Why HRs  can’t Hooray About It.

Paydays are the two highest points of the work month for almost any employee. No matter how punishing the work is, the pressure, the sweat, and the tears all ease up every payday. The same can’t be said for HRs. While the rest of the working world is in a celebratory mood every 15th and 30th, HRs are taking big sighs and arming their nerves.

Payday means Grind Week

Every pay cycle means the exact same thing for HRs: retrieve attendance data, copy-paste the data, and hurry it out to payroll and payout. It’s easier said than done: attendance retrieval can be tricky depending on how you take attendance. Copying and pasting that data on Excel is always error prone. Not to mention, there are all the errant attendance entries that you need to reconcile before processing starts. The week that works towards payroll might be the any HRs’ most stressful yet.

It’s the Best Time for Excel to Act Up

By some twist of fate, it’s when you’re grinding toward payday that Excel will choose to act up. The big files seem to load at a glacial pace. The cells aren’t keeping up with your input. You’re short of highlighting cells or have pasted over more cells than you ought to. More often than not, you’ll have a trivial reunion with #VALUE! and ######. You notice that they all seem to appear when payday is rearing up. Well, here’s a secret: Excel is always acting up! You just notice it more during crunch time.

Beat the Deadline or Else!

There are some production deadlines that can be handled with “I’m sorry, I will do better” when they don’t make it on time. For HRs, the day is critical; employees are protected by law and a delay in the salary is DOLE-punishable. If you don’t make payroll on time, you are at risk of a lawsuit and there’s no sugar coating it. Your choices are to test the fates on a rushed payroll or a legally-risky pay delay. Any reasonable HR would know what to choose.

Post-payday Anxiety

Of course, if you’re constantly rushing payroll, you’ll also be constantly risking pay mistakes. Even on the night of the payout, emails, texts, calls, and chat PMs might start pouring in. Maybe not all of them are valid, but deep inside you know that there are mistakes to fix. If you’re working on Excel, these mistakes might already be a norm to you. Regardless, the post-payday anxiety can still eat at you; you’ll be busy fixing errors after the fact while your other HR duties start piling up.

Sigh. If only there was a system that can streamline attendance taking, and automates payroll computation and payout in just a click, right? Talk to a Salarium specialist today or register for a free trial and start celebrating payday along with the rest of the working world!

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