“It was an Honest Mistake” but HR is still the Bad Guy

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“It was an Honest Mistake” but HR is still the Bad Guy

When customers have complaints, they can either vent their anger to customer service or just choose a different brand or provided after. When employees have complaints with HR, they’re bound to stay with the company and some of them might even hold a grudge against HR. 

Even if with the best of intentions, if you make an honest mistake, you’ll end up the bad guy.

Tracking Data

This is a bit tricky because tracking data should be the responsibility of the system but when the system can’t track pieces of information by itself like Excel, it falls on HR to do so. Honest mistakes can come in the form of a line of people trying to time in—but because there’s a line, people at the back are going to be punching attendance late. Sya HR takes note but misses out on one or two people. Not long after, there will be talks of HR being out to get specific people on the floor or worse yet, that HR has favoritism. Small mistakes like this, or forgetting to track leaves, or missing out on crediting OT can paint any HR as an enemy easily.

Information that are Lost in Translation

It’s a curious thing for employees to ask HR about their personal data. On the one hand, employees should take note of their own data; on the other, HR “conveniently” has all the records—ideally, the system should be able to relay these types of information. If you don’t have a system in place that can do this, you’ll need to open a bloated Excel file, wade through all the employee data, fish out the information, and paste things like SSS, Pag-IBIG, PhilHealth number, remaining leaves, and total tardiness into a chat box. Your accuracy is one wrong arrow stroke, one wrong backspace, or one wrong highlight away from a mistake. A lot of things can be lost in translation when relaying data from one HR to a bunch of employees. This brings us to our next honest mistake…

The Quality & Quantity Tightrope

Work pressure is present no matter the function; HR not exempt. When payroll rolls in, HR is on their toes trying to cross the tightrope: do I expedite the payroll quickly to beat the payout deadline or do I take my time making sure that all the data and information are correct? The balance is so hard to achieve especially if you’re working with systems that need your manual processing like Excel. You’re going to be constantly doing inputs, and more inputs means you’re more likely to make a mistake. On both sides of the quality & quantity tightrope, you have the employees’ best interest in mind but if you lose that balance, you’ll be the bad guy.

Bonus: Employee Mistakes

It’s one thing to make honest mistakes; it’s another thing to be in hot water because of someone else’s error. Employee’s are more likely to relate to HR struggles if it’s them that make the mistake. They could have given the wrong birthday, age, or government numbers. The error might be discovered in hindsight after a failed contribution for example. Some employees might discover that human error is important to recognize, understand, and work through. However, some employees might retort with “dapat dino-double check niyo ‘yan(you should be checking these things)!”

Is there no winning for HR? Good news! There is but only with a system in place that could help them support employees better, more efficiently and accurately, and help HR be more productive with their time—a system that helps reduce human error and even take the most honest of mistakes to a negligible minimum.

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