How Flextime Is Transforming Office Productivity

BY Therese Pempeña Culture

How Flextime Is Transforming Office Productivity

Time is arguably one of the most important resources for an employee. We’ve written about it in our articles about flexi-time and work-life balance. But just how effective are these alternative work arrangements? And what do companies get by giving their employees more control over their schedules?

For those of you curious about the real-world applications of flexi-time, TJ Pestano of Manila Recruitment has an excellent infographic/article on the topic.

Nowadays, the long-standing practice of having fixed work hours is slowly and surely fading from the office culture scene. Instead, companies are allowing more flexibility in their employee’s work and giving them more control of their time in the office.

This is, in fact, good for both employers and employees. It turns out that giving employees the freedom with their time helps them become more productive and satisfied at work.

In this infographic, we discuss how flextime is emerging as one of the most popular trends in office management all over the world and how it leads to greater efficiency in the workplace.

flextime transforming office

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