How Excel Ruins HRs’ Weekends

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How Excel Ruins HRs’ Weekends

Your typical Friday means making sure that everyone is done clocking out before the weekend starts. People are excited to get off work, and you’re stressing over why some people still aren’t packing up and going. Whatever plans you had tonight, forget it. You’re going to go home late this Friday and probably for every foreseeable “last office day of the week” because you need to gather and key in everyone’s attendance data.

That’s if you gather attendance data weekly. Some of us retrieve data every half a month and a very small fraction of us can do it once a month. The catch is, the less frequent you retrieve, the bigger the data becomes. The bigger the data, the less manageable it is and the more error prone handling it will be. There’s no going around it—if you work in payroll, you’re sacrificing some of your last work day of the week to fix payroll if you’re working on Excel.

There’s more! Of course, when attendance gathering is done and you’ve put in all the work, someone else has to do verification as well as corroborate the data with payroll. If they didn’t stay behind with you on a Friday, every concern they find has to come in the next couple of days. Your Saturdays and Sundays aren’t safe, too.

The hustle could be compounded by the fact that if pay day is just around the corner, you’d need to keep doing back and forth sending Excel files all weekend just to get the payroll and payout data ready.

However, this right here is if you’ve rolled your dice and it landed on the best case scenario. With a program as faulty as Excel, if there are mistakes, the team is going to need to take the time ironing it out. You’ll delegate the time it takes to find the mistake, the time it requires to fix it, the time it needs to be checked, and the holding time it needs before finance clears it.

When you’re an HR working on Excel, might as well have the mindset that you’ll be working all week.

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