Holiday Season Checklist for HR & Admins

BY Jules Dalmacio Articles

Holiday Season Checklist for HR & Admins

We’re all excited for the holidays. A bunch of us have personal days off planned months before. Some of us are just happy to kick back and spend the holidays relaxing. To make sure that your holidays are worry free, here’s a hand-crafted checklist for HRs and Admins.  

Make the Holidays Inclusive

While Christmas is in nature a Christian holiday, companies should maintain inclusivity and neutrality. Not everyone celebrates the holidays the same way. As a diverse company, being neutral with how your company conducts events will help everyone, regardless of belief, to have a good time and feel included.

Proactivity with Leaves & Absences

Especially because the holidays are falling on the days of the weekend, a lot of employees might want to enjoy time off a little longer. Make sure to be proactive in asking employees to file their leaves. Scheduling during the holidays is very important especially for processes that need proper rotation of personnel like system admins and customer service.

Consequently, don’t overlook the fact that some employees will go on “accidental” leaves or absences. Go through attendance information, sift through personnel that have these tendencies, and advice their managers to plan attendance and production accordingly.

Bring in the Cheer

Since you’re already working hard on making your holiday events inclusive, make sure to actually bring in the cheer. Since this is the season for evaluation, not everyone will have the privilege of getting bigger bonuses or pay raise. However, if you plan your events and giveaways accordingly, it’s an opportunity to provide employees a greater sense of belonging, importance, inclusivity, and of course good tidings.

Address Stress

In the same way that not everyone celebrates the holidays the same way, not everyone responds to the season in the same way as well. For some, needing to “voluntarily” dance for a group performance is anxiety manifest. Regardless, when it comes to stress, there’s nothing more stressful than a planned holiday interrupted. Make sure to address this to team leads—personnel who are on leave should be left alone. Actually, this should be the status quo for leaves but it echoes more loudly during this season.

It is also helpful to remind everyone to turn in deliverables ahead of time. This will help employees and managers to not have to carry the stress of thinking about work while they’re on holiday.

Set Up your Systems

One of the reasons that HR and admins could be stressed during the holidays is lack of preparation especially when it comes to systems. For HRs, the holidays are in between critical pay cycles.

In between Christmas and New Year, you have to crunch attendance and payroll data. Does this mean that you can’t be allowed to go on extended leave? No! That shouldn’t be the case.

An automated attendance and payroll system will not only make the work effortless and stress-free, it will also make HR processes more holistic in productive for 2023.

Luckily, we are with you in keeping up with the holiday cheer—try your hand at an automated attendance, timekeeping, payroll, and payout system. It might just be the best gift an HR could have this season—Salarium is easy to setup, totally effortless, and functions that take days or even weeks can be done in just a few minutes. Try Salarium for free today.

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