The High Impact Role of HR

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The High Impact Role of HR

In today’s digital age, an organization’s ability to embrace and utilize the exponential growth of technology can mean the difference between business growth or stagnation.

We need to know that there are multiple factors that simultaneously impact our workforce and our business. To keep up, we must move our HR towards a high impact operating model.

High impact HR is when the function of HR focuses on supporting long-term business goals and outcomes. To make this happen, HR teams need to move away from too much administrative work and spend more time in strategic HR activities.

The Key Role of Human Resource

Before we discuss the importance of high impact HR, and how it relates to current technological trends, we must first agree about what the most important role of the HR is. We argue that the most important role of HR is attracting the best and most experienced talents to build a competitive workforce. To do this, HR teams need to hire the top talents and make sure to retain them by providing opportunities for learning and career growth. It is also crucial to build a fun and rewarding workplace environment.

The Challenge

To achieve this, HR teams must focus on strategic HR activities and stay away from wasting too much time on manual administrative tasks. In most companies, HR teams spend a lot of time on administrative tasks and transactional work. Payroll processing itself will take too much valuable time when done manually.

To improve your HR with the intention of making them capable of contributing more on business goals and growth, you need to focus more on operational activities, for example: employer branding and employee engagement. This is the goal of high impact HR and it puts you a step closer to being the employer of choice among the best and most experienced professionals.


Where To Start

The transformation to high impact HR does not happen overnight, it is a process of automating admin work to save time on manual tasks and transactions.

Here are 2 things you can do to start:

  1. Evolve HR capabilities

Make every effort you can to make your HR team capable to deliver greater business impact. Utilize technology to automate administrative tasks and work on a strategic project to build and communicate your brand as an employer.

2. Digitize the workplace

Your team should have digital access to information and actions. Adapt a digital mindset and use technology to work for you. Start using Human Resource Information System (HRIS) if haven’t already, and keep your HR team from spending too much time on manual admin work.

Doing this achieves better efficiency, productivity, and better employee engagement.


The Result of High Impact HR Operating Model

A lot of work needs to be done, but it’s worth it! The only way is forward, and getting into high impact HR puts you ahead of competitors.

The starting point of a strategic move towards high impact HR is to automate and streamline your business processes to save time. Then, you can invest in activities such as employer branding and employee engagement, and everything else that has a greater impact to your business.

You can start now by automating your administrative tasks such as filling of leave, payroll processing, and salary disbursement. Talk to our consultants and be one of the forward-thinking organizations to implement a high impact operating model.

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