Hearts Don’t Break Around Here: Salarium expresses love for employees

BY Louie Samson Articles

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here: Salarium expresses love for employees

We LOVE our employees in Salarium, and we always want them to feel valued as they work with us in achieving our goal to change the world one payroll at a time.

So while we can’t guarantee that every one of them will personally celebrate Valentine’s day and we can’t set them up on dates either, we want to express our affection for them through little things during the season of love.

Here’s how we made our employees feel extra loved in February 2020:


Status in love

In our February Town Hall meeting, we didn’t just report our monthly progresswe also updated each other on our status in love through the colors of what we wore. With the theme “What Color is Your Heart?”, we asked our employees to wear red if they are in a relationship; blue if they are pursuing their career first; white if they are single and ready to mingle; and black if it’s complicated.

Shaun Scheepers, our Head of Sales, had an interesting take on our theme. Wearing white despite being happily in a relationship, he said “I am wearing white today instead of red, firstly because I don’t own anything red, and also to pay tribute to all of our Salarium single ladies and of course single gents. It’s 2020 and a leap year, don’t wait for him to put a ring on it ladies, take the leap and make the move”. 

Our Chief Operating Officer, Brent Denning, gave tips on pick-up lines, and motivated those who are prioritizing their careers. We also held a game where our guys tried to guess the preferences of our girls while two of our other employees serenade us with a mashup of Filipino love songs.


 All kinds of beautiful

We believe that our Salarium women represent all kinds of beauty. To help them feel a little bit more beautiful and boost their self-confidence in the workplace, we’ve collaborated with Mary Kaye for tips and tricks on makeup and skincare products. 

“With all the smiles and giggling, I think the workshop was a really fun way to unwind,” Cinta Posadas, our Sales Operations Manager shares. “I think makeup is used to enhance the beauty that’s already there, so we all walked away looking and feeling even more glamorous!”


Therapeutic Break

We want to promote a working environment in which stress is minimal, but we know that not everything is under our control. That’s why we’ve also invited Palm Care Massage to perform a short, therapeutic massage to our employees so they can relax a little from their tasks.

Spending most of my time in a chair, the free massage was a really relaxing way to move my body”, Louie Picar, our Risk and Compliance Specialist shared with us. “I think it’s a great way to take an instant breather.”

In Salarium, we consider our employees as our most valuable asset and we want them to enjoy their work with us. Be a part of our Salarium family! Visit https://www.salarium.com/careers/ or email us at [email protected] for vacancies.

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