Further Studies to Become a Better HR Practitioner

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Further Studies to Become a Better HR Practitioner

In the corporate world, education plays a huge role in guaranteeing career growth and success. And with good reason – further studies will provide a wealth of information on the latest studies, methods, and approaches; knowledge which is otherwise inaccessible by just experience alone.

When it comes to HR or the Human Resources track, a post graduate degree can be beneficial to the company as a whole. Since HR is primarily concerned with managing people within organizations, as well as policies and systems, the degree taken by the HR aspirant must necessarily cater towards the needs of the company. Here are two highly recommended post graduate degrees for the HR position.

Human Resources Management
Obviously, Human Resources Management is the most appropriate, if not the primary post grad degree to take judging by the very name itself. It goes into specifics with topics “such as organizational behavior, pay equality, management, to name a few.” (Academic Courses.com) What sets this course apart is its functional and practical application. Some classes would even teach the student how to deal with Collective Bargaining Agreements and leadership tactics: a good simulation of the industry experience. Thus, the company would really benefit from having an HR specialist in its roster.

It’s also common practice in the corporate industry to hire psychology graduates as good recruits to the Human Resources roster. After all, psychology delves into facets of the human mind, activity, and behavior. Various studies have shown the substantial connections of psychology in HR; where links have been established between the ‘mental features of the person and its behavior in the course of planning, organization, management and the control of joint activity.’ An interesting study in this regard is about the psychology of management. To quote Seyidov, an expert in this field of inquiry, there are ‘four basic problems or fundamental questions of the psychology of management: motivation, leadership, interpersonal relations, selection of personnel.’ Thus, having a psychology graduate as part of the HR roster would not only explain the hows, but also the “whys” or the motivation behind the actions of its employees.

Options in the Philippines
There are many schools that offer courses to make you a better HR Practitioners. For instance, Ateneo has its Center for Organization Research and Development wherein participants can take short certificate courses on different aspects of HR. On the other hand, De La Salle University has its Center for Business and Research Development teaching short courses regarding Business Process Outsourcing which can help HR very well. SGS Academy Philippines, a world-leading inspection, verification and certification company also has some training courses for HR practitioners.

Human Resources Management and Psychology are both highly suitable courses for excellence in the HR track. It is best not to stray too far and resort to other unrelated degrees, since this people-oriented field is mired with numerous problems and technical enough as it is. Strategic human resources planning and management is the key to success in any company or organization. With the proper mix of talented, motivated and passionate employees, your business will not only thrive, but will surely be a force to be reckoned with.

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