Excel is X on the HR Career Climb

BY Jules Dalmacio Articles

Excel is X on the HR Career Climb

Every employee dreams of getting a promotion together with the salary increase and distinctions that come with it. The same dream is true for HR generalists. They are, after all, employees too. While people in the production floor have set metrics on how competent they are at work, HRs might not be getting the same opportunity because of one small road block.

As HRs, most companies expect them to be good at Excel. However, this is also a trap where the expectation turns into the function. While others might equate HR functions to Excel competency, we beg to differ—if there wasn’t Excel, HRs could be excelling.

Productivity & Timeliness

Part of the KRAs and KPIs of a good HR is being productive and timely. For HRs who are reliant on Excel to perform tasks, this means extracting all the data, inputting all of it properly, and making sure there are no mistakes. This shouldn’t be the case though; employee fill rates, timely hiring & resignation processing, seamless on-boarding—these are but some of the bigger and more important things that a good HR should be measured against instead of how quick they can work on Excel.

People Skills

If you’re already spending most of your working hours on Excel, it’s very likely that you also spend very little time dealing with actual people. The most people interaction you might have is answering questions. “How many leaves do I have left? Why did I get this/that deduction? Is payroll going to be early?” In some instances, employees may even consult these to you at best with apathy and at worst with an attitude. If they can check these data for themselves securely, you could be doing actual counseling, mediation, and surveying. You’d have actual people skills to measure your competency against.  

Organization Skills

In itself, Excel is a tool for organizing. However, should we really be happy with having “good” organization skills based on how well we format our spreadsheet, which in themselves are already an eyesore to begin with?

Your organization skills are better measured against how well you manage organizations. You could be a conduit for employee interest organizations like dance groups or game circles. You could be part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility core group. You could be helping improve the company’s hierarchy to one that streamlines the functions more effortlessly.

Conflict Management

Your conflict management skills are going to be pitted against how well you dealt with an undesirable input in Excel. Did you manage to ruin a payroll? Did you get an employee’s details wrong? Did you delete a file by accident? How you dealt with these mishaps that are otherwise avoidable will constitute how good you are at conflict management.

The thing is though, you know your conflict management chops are better seen with how you resolve employee problems. You have what it takes to resolve employee infighting. You have the courage to help out an irate and distressed employee. You can do more, and Excel is taking those opportunities away from you.

Get a system that frees you from spreadsheets. Find a system that can take payroll, attendance, payout, government forms, and leave tracking off your hands. You’re shackled to your current position because you can’t raise the expectations for your work above being “good at Excel”. Talk to a Salarium account manager today because we understand what you need to be a better, go-getter HR.

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