Excel is the BEST Even if you Disagree!

BY Jules Dalmacio Articles

Excel is the BEST Even if you Disagree!

Is there anything better than Excel? It’s the go-to program for HRs for attendance, payroll, recruitment, 201, benefits, and more. If it can do all of these because you can make it do so, then it must be the best program for HR bar none, right? RIGHT?! Today we’ll be looking at all the reasons why you, as an HR, are so deeply in love with Excel if you aren’t already.

You Have All the Control

When you create your first spreadsheet, you open up the file and—voila! Nothing! You get to create everything; mold an attendance and payroll spreadsheet from the rigid but volatile clay that is Excel. You’ll key in every heading, and then key in every entry for every heading. But wait—there’s loads more! You’ll key in every formula, and every change to the formula (like updated government benefits). You’ll also do all the checking. Your biggest bonus? Apart from all the control, you also have ALL the responsibility!

Every Spreadsheet has a Unique Beauty

You slave over an Excel sheet, do the fonts, highlights, borders, and all to pretty it up. You show it to your boss and he gives you a less than enthusiastic “OK na siguro ‘yan(I guess that’s OK).” You have just stunned your boss with how beautifully you’ve made your Excel sheet. Boss wasn’t bored at all; the boss merely just didn’t have the words to describe your creation. This sheet after all is your baby, and it has a face that only a parent can love.

It Trains You to look at the Minutest Details

It happens to everyone: you’re enjoying all this time being on Excel and then one cell turns into #####. You try fixing the formula and then 2 cells become #####. You hit control + Z a couple of times and start looking for which cell is ruining your quality time with Excel. This trains you to squint and be anxious over any small details that might ruin your Excel quality time or employment.

You Gain Supreme Job “Stability”

When you do HR work on Excel, you’ll always be doing Excel. That’s also going to be the management’s expectation of you. You’re going to be known as “the Excel guy/girl”. You will cement your regularization and tenure by being one with Excel. Who cares about promotions when you have Excel by your side always and forever; in the words of Shakespeare, “naol.”

If Excel Doesn’t Kill You, It’ll Make you Stronger

Excel will make your job as an HR challenging. It will cause you to make mistakes. You will carry the burden for all those mistakes. However, no matter how many employee complaints you get, no matter how loud your boss raises his voice, and no matter how many IRs, one thing is certain—Excel is doing this to bring out the best in you. If an Excel mistake isn’t enough to kill your career, then it will have made your relationship with the software that much deeper and your skin that much tougher. The more mistakes you make, the deeper your love grows.Is your relationship with spreadsheets on the rocks? Slide into our DMs (or go to our registration page). We’ll give you a no-strings-attached free trial of Salarium and we promise, Excel will never know 😉.

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