10 Helpful Ideas to Encourage Teamwork in the Workplace

BY Judah Hirsch Articles

10 Helpful Ideas to Encourage Teamwork in the Workplace

Dr. Parisi-Carew shares that 60% of the time, a team is not able to hit their goal because of lack of team work. In order for any team to thrive, members must learn how to practice teamwork. In fact, each individual contributes more than they realize. It’s not just about the results they deliver, but it’s more on how they affect the team’s dynamics.

HR personnel play a big role in guiding employees in fostering a healthy working environment. To do so, here are tips on how you can encourage teamwork in the workplace:

1. Be the guide

Every team needs to have that someone who will lead them to the right direction, the catalyst that sparks ideas and brings the team together. When you guide a team through sharing a common vision, you help them realize what part of the puzzle they fit in. Sharing a goal enables others to know what they can do to help. People will then align their actions and decisions based on these principles.

2. Recognize your team members

In the words of Tracy Streckenbach,

“Culture is about performance. It is about making people feel good about how they contribute to the whole.”

This statement rings true for any organization. A team can only succeed if each member knows that the work that they do is valuable to the team’s achievements. Recognizing people is not just about giving them a pat in the back when they do things right. It is important to hold people accountable to the work that they do and the outcomes of their actions.

3. Set challenging objectives

When you take away a team’s sense of purpose, it will stop functioning. This is why when goals are met, you challenge them further. A tougher task can help strengthen the bond that they have with each other. It gives them an opportunity to build on their past successes. To do this, you must acknowledge how each member contributed to the success of the group.

4. Make them think as one

Two heads always is better than one. A team that thinks together allows healthy conversations. Brainstorming sessions help in creating valuable solutions to issues at hand.

5.  Encourage discussion

People must talk to build a relationship. Work groups are no exception. Create areas at work that will allow members to easily collaborate. Creating an environment that makes it easy for people to talk about their ideas is essential.

6. Do Team Projects

A group project is an activity that can make or break a team. It requires each member to be responsible in order for the task to become complete and successful. Encourage different parties in the group to contribute in creating and reviewing the output.

7. Talk about the Group

One way to help encourage teamwork in the workplace is to talk about what works and what doesn’t. This helps people give direct feedback to each other and allows them to work more effectively as a group.

8. Keep your ears peeled

People feel empowered when their voices are heard. Foster a team that welcomes questions and recommendations. The best ideas come from asking different questions. The most radical solutions present itself by looking at different angles.

9. Provide continuous education

Employees should not stop learning. Give your members opportunities to enhance their personal skills. Create a culture that encourages people to grow. You can get mentors to coach your members to develop how they can grow future leaders.

10. Recognize teamwork

Drive consistency by rewarding great teamwork. It is important that you not only affirm people individually. You also have to acknowledge the dedication they put in to work together as a group.


Effective teamwork doesn’t only result to better work output, but it also improves the team’s morale. The only way for a business to succeed is when individuals work collectively towards a common goal. Try out these tips to encourage better teamwork in the workplace.


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