Employee Engagement and Company Culture @ Instagram (with Examples!)


Companies have been all over Instagram since the app was launched, but these days, they’ve been posting photos and stories not just to sell goods. Their presence have also been about one thing: showcasing how they engage their employees.

Yes, you read that right. As an HR practitioner, you can now get employee engagement ideas (and do your job!) straight from your Instagram feed.

Instagram accounts with usernames starting with “life at” (eg. @lifeatgoogle, @lifeatdell) or “inside” (eg. @insideamazon) have become popular. The same phrases have been used in hashtags, usually mixed with gems like #companyculture, #funat(insert company name), #work (ranked 81st in the Top 100 Hashtags on Instagram), #life (rank 35), and #dreamjob.

It’s no surprise why companies have resorted to showing behind-the-scene snaps through Instagram. With its 700 million monthly users, the app has proven to be an effective venue to attract millenial talent and engage employees. Companies get to show how they take care of their people and how they make work-life balance possible. At Instagram, they reveal their fun side. They also get to tell the world the causes that they care about. This brings them even closer to millenials, who, based on research, have an inborn passion for supporting advocacies.

Among the companies that nail company-culture Instagram posting are the tech giants in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. These regions boast of brands and businesses that drive technology forward and influence everyone’s lives. Before these companies got around to changing the world, they changed the workplace. Gareth Hawkey, redPanda’s CEO, said in a blog article that among the biggest lessons we can get from them is how we should nurture both the professional and personal sides of employees. Build a work environment that will help people become more passionate about creating great products.

And just how do we do that? Let’s take a look at these Instagram posts and find out.


Team-building with matching outfits at Dell

Rock Your Socks for World Down Syndrome Day at Dell

Talent Acquisition Team Selfie at Dell


Tug of war at Facebook

Ice bucket challenge at Facebook


Gaming cafe at Microsoft

Codess event at Microsoft


Birthday celebration at Amazon

Employee profile at Amazon


Post-its at Google

Googleversary at Google

Giving back at Google

Free donuts at Google



Bring your dog to work day at Salesforce

Watching games at Salesforce


Pride March at IBM

Employee picture at IBM


Crossfit training at Netflix

New hire presentation at Netflix



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