Doing Performance Measurement the Right Way

BY Judah Hirsch Uncategorized

Doing Performance Measurement the Right Way

Performance measurement is a key part of any quality working environment. If you want to maintain good standards in how your employees work, it’s imperative that you assess their performance the right way. When you fail to measure performance, you won’t know what’s working or not, and what you can also improve. If you want to know if you’re hitting your goals, performance measurement is one of the best ways to do it.

So how does one evaluate performance the right way?

First, pick an aspect of work that you want to improve or work on. Is it sales quota, number of errors, project length, or any other factor. You can also make your assessment multi-dimensional, such as how many errors per total of hours worked and so on and so forth.

More than identifying the things you want to measure, you have to know what working facet are you trying to examine and improve.The usual categories for performance measurement include efficiency, quality, effectivity, productivity, timeliness, and safety. Many of these encompass most businesses out there, no matter what the field.

The higher ups, including the HR department have a responsibility to guide their team so they know how to institute changes and improvements. Without the right knowledge or the proper assessment tools and procedures, any efforts to development can lead to a high chance of failure. Some of the most common tools used in performance evaluations are self-assessment measurements as well as management assessments. Making use of both ensures you get the objective and subjective side of the equation.

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