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The Work From Home Bill (Telecommuting Act) Now a Law: The Benefits - Inside Salarium

BY Sydney Dormitorio Laws

In the busy streets of business districts, some people think you should be thankful of surviving through a 45-minute traffic jam. For some people, this could be worse. A...


The Single Most Important Task of Every HR

BY Avan Tan Management

HR has the most important function in every organization. You are responsible for building and maintaining a competitive workforce. It all starts with sourcing and recruitment. Top companies have...


How To Start An Employer Branding Strategy

BY Avan Tan Culture

What Is Employer Branding? Employer branding is the process of evaluating your reputation in the job market combined with crafting and communicating value propositions that would make your company...


5 Bad Payroll Habits You Need to Drop Right Away

BY Therese Pempeña Efficiency

Managing payroll for companies of any size comes with its own challenges. The paperwork and time commitment involved alone can overwhelm even the most experienced professionals. And even with...


Employee Time Theft and How You Can Stop It

BY Therese Pempeña Articles

Time theft occurs when an employee is paid for any amount of time they haven’t actually worked. According to Forbes, the average employee steals approximately 4.5 hours per week...


4 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement To Drive Business Results

BY Avan Tan Efficiency

4 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement To Drive Business Results “The biggest concern for any organization should be when their most passionate people become quiet.” – Tim McClure Employees...


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