5 Steps to Achieve a Paperless Payroll System

The benefits of adapting a paperless payroll system are far from limited to environmental advantages and cutting back on costs.

BY: Therese Pempeña

The Proposed Law Against Late Salaries and Wages

The Proposed Law Against Late Salaries and Wages Everybody hates delayed salaries, but workers in the Philippines may no longer

BY: salarium

Congress Passes Compressed Workweek Bill. Here’s What It Adds to the Labor Code

Congress Passes Compressed Workweek Bill Last week, the House of Representatives approved on final reading House Bill 6152 – a bill

BY: salarium

Five Ways To Increase Productivity Without Additional Headcount

We’ve always believed that the amount of work done depends on the manpower working on it. However, this is not

BY: Judah Hirsch

How Can HR Help Managers Improve Employee Engagement

If there is one part of the company that is mostly in tune with employment engagement and nuances of its

BY: Judah Hirsch

Biometrics: Can It Help Drive Payroll Productivity?

In most small-and-medium companies, payroll takes the cake for the most sensitive, time-intensive work. More often than not, it also

BY: Judah Hirsch