Beyond Philippines 2020: Salarium Partners with Payoneer for Virtual Exhibition

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Beyond Philippines 2020: Salarium Partners with Payoneer for Virtual Exhibition

Last October 1, 2020, Payoneer held its first-ever virtual forum in the Philippines titled “Beyond 2020”. 

Payoneer is an international financial services provider that enables businesses and professionals from all over the world and to connect with each other and grow globally through their cross-border payments platform: online money transfer, digital payment services, and working capital. 

In this summit, online professionals, BPOs, outsourcing agencies, and digital marketing agencies were invited to network with service providers in the marketplace. A workshop on sales and marketing was also held, as well as panel discussions on the latest global trends and insights.

Operations Partners for SME BPOs

Salarium Founder and CEO, Judah Hirsch, paneled the discussion on the topic “Operations Partners for SME BPOs”, along with Juan TaxFounder, Marvin Galang, and FullSuite’s VP for Sales and Business Development, Rey Macrohon. 

In this segment, the three start-up executives shared how their companies began and identified the biggest pain points that they solve for their valued SMB/SME clients.

Marvin Galang, a former tax auditor, shared that he personally experienced the pain of dealing with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) on tax filing and operation, leading him to create JuanTax, a BIR-accredited automated platform that streamlines companies’ tax compliance.

Judah Hirsch, a pioneer in the BPO industry himself, saw the gaps and difficulties in processing payroll particularly with how complicated the labor laws are with payroll in the Philippines. This has been especially true with timekeeping, where getting time data from clients is difficult because it’s kept in several different places. This is how Salarium started, making the entire payroll process effortless for companies. Salarium is the provider of an economic, cloud-based software system that offers end-to-end automation: timekeeping, payroll, and disbursement.

Ray Macrohon, who has worked in the telecoms, transportation, and BPO industry, has witnessed how a lot of companies encounter problems long after they started because of how they were registered. FullSuite’s core service is to assist companies in setting up their businesses, from corporate structuring to purposing. 

These panelists were also asked that with the new normal, what industry trends they foresee in their respective lines of businesses, and how they see their sectors adapting to it.

Marvin shared that with the board exams being postponed, companies who are looking for CPAs won’t find them anytime soon. JuanTax sees an opportunity in this, with a lot of their clients shifting to digital from the usual manual data capture and preparation of tax returns. He added that companies might also start hiring based on skills, rather than leaning more on degrees and certificates.

Judah sees the industry moving forward. In fact, he shared that there was an increase of interested businesses inquiring about Salarium, eager to learn how they can manage employees’ time and attendance as they work from home, on-site, or on rotation. 

Ray foresees that the need for outsourcing will increase with the shift in priorities of companies. There are a lot of services wherein in terms of efficiency, outsourcing will be a better option.

Salarium Virtual Booth

Salarium was also one of the exhibitors at the event. The online audience could visit our virtual booth, download our company line card and service-specific brochures, and talk to our live representatives.

During live video calls, Salarium demonstrated how we make payroll effortless, and payments secure and convenient with a complete software package. Our new service, FacePass, was in high demand.

FacePass is Salarium’s touchless time and attendance solution that features an advanced facial recognition device that can detect facemasks, scan body temperature, and record clock-ins at the same time. It is seamlessly integrated into Salarium timekeeping system so you can create, track, and manage shifts and schedules, manage overtimes, undertimes, and leaves, and complete attendance reports instantly.

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