Best Human Resource Management Practices

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Best Human Resource Management Practices

The HR department is the most important team in every organization. As an HR professional, you are responsible for building a highly competent workplace and maintaining employee motivation. The work you do has the biggest contribution to the growth of your business.

Here are 5 best human resource management practices that can make sure that your HR should be adapting to make a bigger impact to your organization:

  1. Make sure your psychometric assessments are measuring what is necessary.

One of the key functions of the hr department is to hire the right person for the right role. Psychometric assessments are one of the tools that can make this happen.

Most companies already use it, some don’t. For those who already use one, we encourage you to evaluate and check if you are measuring the right qualities in a candidate. Keep in mind that intelligence is not everything when talking about hiring the best candidate.

Last year, I heard a story from a recruitment specialist from a top food production company. There was a season in their recruitment team when they only measure the cognitive ability of candidates and only hired from the top 4 universities in the Philippines. They were confident that this was enough to make sure they are hiring only the most talented candidates, but after a few months, they realized it was not. Their approach resulted in hiring entitled employees who are not teachable and hard to correct, the management was not pleased.

So evaluate your psychometric assessment. Here are some characteristics that we recommend your assessment should measure:

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Behaviour & Personality
  3. Leadership Potential
  4. Industry Specific Skills (ie. web development, engineering, accounting & finance, etc.)

Assess everything you think is needed to validate if the candidate can do the job he/she is applying for.

If you are currently not using assessments in your recruitment funnel, you should rethink your strategy. You should start using it now, it will save and make your organization a lot of money in the long run.


2.  Consistently provide opportunities for learning & development.

Hiring top talent is one thing, retaining them is another. The best employees are those who are committed to continuous professional growth. They are not willing to be the same person they are a year ago. You should provide a lot of opportunities for learning & professional development. While this may sound like a basic HR function, we don’t see this often enough.

HR teams should be more intentional in making sure that their employees are continuously growing to get better at the job they do. Give them a budget for training, provide internal training, allow them to take online courses inside the office, etc. There’s a lot of ways to do this.

You can also encourage your managers to coach and mentor their people. This is beneficial to both employees and the organization. I experienced this first hand, and trust me when I say that it’s really hard to leave an employer who provides personal mentoring to employees.


3. Cultivate a results-only workplace environment and encourage work-life balance.

The daily commute in Metro Manila is more hectic than ever. Combine this with long work hours (more than 8hrs a day) + working on Saturdays, then you will notice the decrease in your employees’ outputs and performance. Long work hours will result in unsatisfied, even depressed employees.

Instead of requiring employees to work too much, focus on their outputs. Your organization should allow employees to enjoy life outside work because no one really likes to spend more than 2 years with an employer that will suck the life out of them. You should advocate work-life balance.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Flexible working hours.
  2. Allow remote work for up to once a week.
  3. Implement health/wellness programs.
  4. Company outings.
  5. Team building activities per department.


4. Automate administrative tasks.

Your HR team should spend less time on tedious and time-consuming tasks such as manually processing payroll. You should not do something manually if they can be automated. This will save time for your team so they can focus on more important strategic hr activities.

This is a crucial part of making your hr team more capable of contributing to business success. Your HR team has a far more important role than manually doing some tasks, they should not be burdened by spending 4-5 days on manual payroll processing for example. The same thing applies to the filing of leave, tracking the time in and time out, payslips, salary disbursement, etc.

We recommend you use an HRIS (Human Resource Information System) to keep things organized. Stay away from messy spreadsheets, its counterproductive.


5. Build and communicate your brand as an employer.

To contribute to your organization’s success, you need to hire people who will provide a lot of value to your organization. It will be hard to convince these talents to join you if they don’t know about you as an employer in the first place. In this case, how can your organization fight the war for talent against the top 10 companies in the Philippines?

Since we are talking about the best human resource management practices, we would like to let you know that today’s talent acquisition is a combination of marketing and recruitment. There is a technological, behavioural, and demographic shift that resulted in the need for employer branding. Candidates are now in control of where to apply, and what company they will decide to work with. To recruit the most talented candidates, you will need to market your organization.

We encourage you to start implementing an employer branding strategy. Start by finding out your unique value propositions as an employer, then communicate it to your target talents. Allow them to get to know your organization by telling stories about life inside your company.

Have we missed some other best human resource management practices that you know? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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