A List of Helpful Automated Government Payroll Forms

BY Judah Hirsch Articles

A List of Helpful Automated Government Payroll Forms

Optimize productivity and avoid errors by using online automated government payroll forms. 

You have plans tonight but your boss insists you finish the tasks at hand. So far, you have finished calculating the employees’ time sheets. Now, you need to handle the filling out of government forms which you have already been working on since yesterday. You only have three more hours to finish your work. It seems like you’ll be fashionably late, again.

Why Automate Government Payroll Forms?

Payroll might be a routine task but it requires careful attention to detail. In addition to that, the mere fact that doing everything manually makes it time consuming beyond measure.

One of the most time taxing is the part where you fill out government payroll forms for every employee. You just cannot hurry this process because if you do, chances are you will commit errors. This would mean repeating the entire form all over again, wasting even more time.

The data you enter in the forms needs to be 100% accurate all the time. Government is very adamant on this, especially the Bureau of Internal Revenue. The financial information that shows on each individual forms must reflect your actual numbers. A single mistake might mean violation of tax regulations, costing you and the company stress, time and money.

Automated Government Forms to The Rescue

To make life easier, you should consider using a software that automatically fills our forms. The good news is that several local companies have stepped up to offer this service, including Salarium.

With just a few clicks, you’ll have your important forms filled out automatically, for everyone in the company. No more worries about mistakes and long hours of work.

What Online Forms Can I Use to Make Payroll Easier?

The following are the forms Salarium provides for your use:


Payslip preparation is both laborious and costly. An error of adding an extra zero next to an amount brings your company into serious financial trouble. With Salarium, the timesheet is integrated with payroll, making payroll generation a breeze.

You can generate payslips and send them directly to employees, ensuring accuracy in the computation of salaries. The distribution of payslips to all company employees can be done in seconds. There will be no need for print outs; you can go entirely paperless!


As we all know, we cannot run away from the obligation to pay taxes. And make no mistake, literally. An error in your computation of withholding taxes will lead to complicated issues later.

Prevent mistakes that come with manual processing. Salarium will automatically fill out BIR forms for you once you have generated the payroll in just a few clicks.


We know that the Social Security System is the government’s social safety net for private sector employees. Your company and its employees are required to file monthly contributions correctly. You don’t want to make a mistake with an employee’s SSS contributions by entering wrong information.

Avoid error and save your time in filling out contributions payment forms. Salarium will automatically do it for you, even the computation and breakdown of contributions.


The Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) or Pag-IBIG handles government housing program for employees. Members share monthly contributions and just like with the SSS, employers also share a counterpart.

Salarium will fill out the member’s contribution remittance form automatically. The system helps you with salary deductions and breakdown of contributions. It will save you from being sued for perjury by generating accurate information.


Salarium also generates report after every payroll which your company can use for reference, documentation, or for whatever purpose you may have. All you need to do is download it from the cloud and export it to spreadsheet or as a CSV file.

If you want to expedite and accomplish your tasks without committing any mistakes, you may do so by automating the process with Salarium’s online forms.

You don’t have to rush because you have more than enough time to do other things. You will not worry about being late to your plans. Or when there’s emergency in the family that you need to go home early, you don’t have to worry about not finishing your tasks on time.

The key to Salarium‘s online forms is simplicity. They’re easy to use and they make your job and your life a lot easier.

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