Age Doesn’t Matter According To This Law

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Age Doesn’t Matter According To This Law

Age discrimination is one of the reasons why employment is difficult to find in the Philippines. In some cases, aging employees are denied of promotions or even forced to take early retirement. Biased companies require applicants to put their exact age before considering their application to be qualified. Now, it’s time that we end this practice. Here some things you need to know about Republic Act No. 10911 or the Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment act.


No more age filtering during the hiring process

Before, the company’s practice is to filter applicants by implementing an age bracket on job openings. The phrase “preferably 18-25 years of age”, which ultimately blocks people out from applying for a job, is now punishable by law.


Be in control of your resume

Are you nervous that companies might not want to hire you because of your age? With the new law, you are no longer required to disclose your age on your resume. Applicants are now given the freedom to dodge questions regarding their age or birth date to avoid being denied of employment.


Equal treatment will be imposed inside the workplace

Receiving fair benefits are no longer a problem for older employees. Every employee is entitled to the same rights regardless of rank, gender, or age. These rights include compensation, privileges, and promotion every hardworking candidate deserves.


Forced early retirement? No can do.

Companies give less consideration even for employees who are still capable and willing to do his or her job. They are afraid that forcing them to have an early retirement might happen to them sooner. The anti-age discrimination law protects every employee from being pressured to retire. 


“The provisions of this order apply to all employers, publishers, labor contractors or subcontractors, and labor organizations, whether or not registered,” – Silvestre Bello.

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