9 reasons you need to perform background checks

BY Judah Hirsch Recruitment

9 reasons you need to perform background checks

As an HR, it’s a rule of thumb that in selecting the right applicants for the business, you should go deep in every detail about who they truly are more than seeing what’s on the surface.

Sure you can take note of that confident smile, neat look, and firm handshake, but are you sure about what he/she shows on the outside is also a match on the inside? The answer is definitely no. That’s why background checks are essential. Doing this enables you to pick out the most qualified and deserving applicants for the company.


Why are background checks needed?

Here are the few reasons that can convince you why you need to do detailed background checks in every applicant.

1. Background checks highlight an applicant’s criminal history.

Background checks let you identify any past criminal convictions of an applicant. An employer has the right to know about any crimes the applicant has committed since they would be entering into a legal relationship.

Criminal history can be acquired through NBI clearance, police clearance and court clearance.

2. Background checks verify an applicant’s qualifications.

Background checks verify the perspective applicant’s credentials. A background check can affirm all the information given by the applicant if it is true and/or accurate. It can also guarantee the hiring manager that the candidate has all the necessary licenses, certifications and degrees to be legally hired.

A background check through the applicant’s school records and former employers can verify all this.

3. Background checks protect the organization.

Background checks protect and preserve the integrity of the business. Certain applicants may not be suitable for the position they are applying for due to some aspects of their history.

True, there are times when spotty driving records or credit history may not directly affect the applicant’s ability to do a job. But for positions that involve driving and handling of finances, information like this is relevant.

4. Background checks help keep employees and customers safe.

Background checks can also ensure your employees’ and clients’ safety. Of course, you wouldn’t want to hire dangerous criminals like thieves, drug addicts or sex offenders. Running background checks can help you eliminate the violent and dangerous people applying for the open work positions.

5. Background checks avoid negligent hiring.

Negligent hiring” is an actual legal term that depicts the liability of the employer when their employee causes an incident.

An example of this would be if the employee gets into an accident and causes injury, which then leads to a lawsuit. It would be favorable to the company if the employer had run a thorough background check on the employee’s records, which turned out to be clean.

Otherwise, if the employer had not run a background check, the company can be held liable in the said incident. This is because such things could have been found out earlier if a check on this employee’s history was done before accepting him/her.

6. Background checks help you know your candidate.

Trust is important in business. How can you have peace of mind if you aren’t sure about the person you are hiring? How can you be sure that your future employee can really be trusted and that they would not damage the reputation of the company?

In running a thorough and effective background check you will be able to really know your candidate in a way that would make it easier to rely on them because you are certain that your applicant is acting genuinely.

7. Background checks reduce turnovers

Background checks help assess probable employees who may stay longer in the company. This can help the hiring manager build a strong workforce wherein the employees are honest and do not have undesirable backgrounds.

8. Background checks reduce cost.

Think about all the resources wasted on recruiting and hiring an undesirable employee. The management and administrative costs could increase greatly. Not to mention the cost on training, wasted wages and benefits that a bad hire brings. You can also add here the cost for damages like stolen funds and work equipment, which is unfortunately unavoidable at times.

The company’s good name and reputation may also be in trouble when costs go higher than what is earned in the company. The goodwill of the clients or customers may also be lost. Verifying all the claims of the applicant can help the hiring manager make the right hire automatically; thus reducing these liabilities and helping the company make good investments.

9. Background checks help keep the work place drug-free

Many companies make the serious effort of keeping the work place drug-free. So in order to avoid future discrepancies, employers should run a pre-employment background check.

In doing background checks, employers would be able to flag applicants who have been convicted with drug charges, whether it was for distribution or possession. This effectively establishes and maintains the anti-drug policy in the company from the start.

Conducting background searches nowadays aren’t just an option, but rather a necessity. When looking to hire serious candidates, it is important to conduct background checks that help you make smart decisions and offer your employer valuable benefits of hiring well-qualified applicants.

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