5 Years an HR and My Work Keeps Me Paranoid

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5 Years an HR and My Work Keeps Me Paranoid

“I’m Jean working as an HR generalist for a production company going on 5 years now. While it’s true that I stayed this long at my job by being good at it, I can’t help but be constantly paranoid over mistakes like doing something wrong in Excel,” Jean explains that when sales fall through, they can pick back up with making better numbers next week or next month. When customer service makes a mistake, only the client remembers. When HR accidentally punches the wrong value, or copy and pastes the wrong data, it stirs the ire of employees and managers—some would even make it personal.

Siempre(of course), in 5 years of working you’re going to make mistakes talaga (really). Some employees, they take it as natural work error. Pero (but) I know at least 3 people who are still holding a grudge about mistakes I did kahit (even though) we’ve thoroughly explained na(already) what happened and apologized for it repeatedly.”

Jean says that in their company, they only use Excel, and that includes tracking of government benefits per employee per year. While their benefits program, like having 5 mandatory leaves plus 3 additional leave days per year of service, capping off at 30 leave days, is comprehensively pro-employee, such benefits can be difficult to keep tabs of over spreadsheets.

Mahirap kasi(it’s difficult because)people are constantly filing leaves ahead of time but also, [they] might take leaves before the date they filed leave. Tapos(then) there’s always the constant asking how many leaves they have left.”

In one of the incidents that Jean shares, an employee asked how many leaves they have left and then filed a 5-day leave 2 months in advance. While the long leave got approved, the employee took a couple or so leave in the weeks before the vacation. “She was out of leaves but I overlooked that. Promise, madali siya ma-miss sa Excel (it’s so easy to miss on Excel) She got paid for her vacation because I copy-pasted the wrong data on her attendance.” When they caught the problem and explained it to the employee, the employee wanted Jean to shoulder the burden. “’It was not my mistake’ sabi niya(the employee said) and that I should have been trained better because taking the money from her next payroll will mess up her budget.” Jean did not disclose to us how they resolved the issue. “Let’s just say that it’s a mistake that I paid for heavily. Ganun na lang (Let’s keep it at that).”

“I’m not expecting to be praised for making excel sheets without mistakes, but to be told that I lack training because I made one mistake, masakit sa akin ‘yun (that hurts for me). And the whispering and snarky parinig (innuendos) in the van or pantry, those I think are what keep me paranoid.”

Jean is currently on the 2nd week of her 30-day free trial of Salarium as of writing to try out the leave, attendance, and payroll disbursement functions of the system.

Do you relate to Jean’s story? We’re open to listen to you and learn how our system can help you and your organization. Get in touch with an account manager and see what Salarium can do for you. 

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