Top 5 Reasons Why The Office Needs a Game Room

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Spreadsheets, graphs and charts bringing you down? It’s common for an employee to feel drained after an intense day of work, coping with deadlines while hunched over his computer chair. Just like an empty gas tank needs refilling to keep it running, the employee also needs to replenish his Fun meter so that he can face the tasks ahead! Here are the top 5 reasons why the Office needs a Game Room.

  1. Increase in Overall Productivity
    A quick pick me up game of billiards or ping pong can really do wonders for clearing the head. Not only can it deal with stress relief, it can also boost productivity! Studies from University of Toronto show that the most productive workers aren’t the ones who work harder or put more hours in the office; rather, they are the ones who know how to balance work and fun. Those who take 17 minute breaks for every 52 minutes of work are the ones who have been found to be the most productive workers.
  2. Improves Brain Function
    Problem solving, critical thinking, and multitasking are necessary tools of the trade for every employee. But did you know that you can develop these skills by playing video games?
    Tests conducted by the NT University in Singapore showed that those who played memory games have increased brain functions and are able to adapt to new situations better. This isn’t really surprising, since you need all your logic and wits about you to finish the final boss in Portal 2.
  3. New Skills and Knowledge
    Want to learn how to play the drums? Pick up Rock Band and soon you’ll be rocking out like Travis Barker in no time! (Give it a month, maybe.) Video games are not only for fun, but it can also help you pick up a new skill along the way. For example, other consoles such as the Wii Fit can teach you a thing or two about balance and health, which are important in keeping an employee’s body well-oiled, fit and happy.
  4. Limits Employee Absences
    A game room can really do wonders with curbing employee truancy. The usual excuses of “depression”, “I have to work at home”, “I have to babysit my nieces” are obliterated with the presence of a game room in the office. This is understandable of course, because employees will always look forward to going to work. Their attitude towards the workplace will change; not only will they remove the notion that “Office = Stress”, they’ll also treat it as a second home where they can ease their relax and have a good time.
  5. Bonds Employees With One Another
    Last but not the least, having a Game Room in the office will also help bond employees with one another. Be it Billiards, Call of Duty 4, or a simple game of Table Tennis, playing games will boost the overall mood and morale of these modern day workers. Ultimately, it will result to better teamwork and chemistry, and a second family that they can call their own. 

A happy employee is a focused, productive employee! See you at the game room! 

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