5 HR Skills to Work on this 2023

BY Jules Dalmacio Articles

5 HR Skills to Work on this 2023

With the new age of more companies shifting focus to Employee Experience, HR will have a lot more on their plate than spreadsheet. In fact, if HR wants to be a major contributing factor to a company in creating desirable employee experiences, they might need to minimize or let go of spreadsheets altogether, and ideally automate paper work.

Some HRs might have the dilemma that if they let go of these monotonous tasks, what else is there for HR to do? But HR is more than spreadsheets and forms. Here are the tops skills that your company will rely on you to do to achieve business growth.

Enrichment Planning, Strategization, & Execution

An untapped potential of a lot of HR teams in the Philippines is the ability to analyze employee behavior, tendencies, and preferences and then cater programs that help cultivate desirable behavior while simultaneously discouraging undesirable ones.

There are so many methods to start holistic data gathering, from analyzing employee trend data to surveys and 1-on-1 interviews. The information can then be used to plan and execute programs that not only keep employees happy, but also motivated to perform better.

Cultural Improvement & Championing 

Companies are also shifting to emphasizing on company culture. Being inclusive, giving equal opportunities, giving competitive pay, and being forthcoming on employee wellness are but some of the major “offers” that make companies attractive to amazing talents.

However, culture is easier “mission-and-vision-ed” than done. HR is key in improving and upholding company values. As middle men to employees and management, HR is expected to manage conflicts on the basis of what is just and what principles the company stands for.

Active Participation in Company Commercial Success

HR should also play a part in how the company performs commercially. HR must be keenly aware on how the business commercially operates. HR must be skilled in creating an employee lifecycle framework that sets up any employee for the company’s commercial goals. Even resigned employees affect companies; they influence others to either apply for the company or refer the company to business decision makers.

In 2023 and beyond, HR isn’t just expected to take a back seat while production, sales, and marketing secures sales. HR is expected to help the company navigate where it could improve employee experience to also improve the customer experience and ultimately business success.

People Skills & Relations Building

With the greater focus on employee experience, there should also be a shift from focusing on spreadsheets to being more in touch with people. So many metrics of a good HR is based on people relations.

HR is expected to act as consultant and advisor. Can a team manager implement certain initiatives without creating conflict? Can an employee ask for certain leniencies to be able to perform work better? What is the pulse of the employee talent pool regarding remote and onsite work? These are a few issues that HR needs to problematize and solve in a way that improves efficiency, minimizes friction, and fortifies retention.

HR is also expected to give counsel and help in resolving employee conflicts. In the past, if the nature of the issue isn’t professional, it shouldn’t be the HR’s concern. However, personal issues affect persons and affect work performance. Counseling and conflict resolutions is also dynamically different for a work landscape that’s shifting more and more toward remote setups. Consultation, advising, and counseling are talents that don’t come easy but are extremely valuable for HRs to have and improve on.

Technological Literacy

Lastly, it’s important to shift work away from manual operations. It’s time for any business unit of companies to be technologically optimized, HR included. For HR and even other administrative personnel, that means familiarization with systems like HRIS and optimized attendance & payroll software. Contrary to popular belief, these systems do not take away HR’s work; these systems are designed to assist HR in focusing on bigger and more important aspects of Human Resources.

It’s time to unlearn old ways and start focusing on skills that add more value to company growth. Salarium can also help you cultivate technological literacy, simultaneously taking away from your hands tedious time-keeping, payroll, payout, and government forms processing so you can focus on planning programs, cultivating culture, improving people relations and participating in overall business success. Sign up for a free trial today.

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