4 Ways that ESS Empowers Employees & Admins

BY Jules Dalmacio Articles

4 Ways that ESS Empowers Employees & Admins

Dear HRs and Manager, it’s no secret a happy and engaged workforce is the backbone of any successful organization. One way to supercharge your employees’ experience is by implementing an HR system that also has an ESS. Employees Self-Service or ESS allows employees to take charge of their HR needs and removes the need for cumbersome paperwork. The tool makes work easier for both HR and employees, enough to even improve overall employee experience.  

Accessibility and Convenience

Picture this: you work 9am-6pm, you file for early-out to get off work at 2pm. You go through paperwork and wait in line for HR assistance; you get approved at 3:30pm. With an ESS, employees have direct access to their HR information and services. They can effortlessly file undertimes, overtimes, emergency leaves, and more. Employees can view their payslips, update personal details, and enroll in benefits—all at their fingertips. This accessibility and convenience empower employees to manage their HR tasks independently, saving time and hassle for both them and you.

ESS Save Time & Money

Say goodbye to piles of paperwork and repetitive administrative tasks. An ESS can automate many HR processes, freeing up precious time for both employees and admins. Employees can update their information directly in the system, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This efficiency means employees spend less time filing paperwork and more time on their actual work. Plus, the reduced need for paper-based documentation means cost savings for your organization and even greener operations.

ESS-pecially Empowering

ESS systems put the power back into your employees’ hands. By allowing them to manage their own HR needs, you foster a sense of empowerment and ownership. Employees can update their personal information, view attendance data and pay history, and explore benefit options on their own terms. The ESS can also support faster management with systems that support easy approvals for leaves, time off, undertime, and other employee movement that might otherwise be hard to track. This autonomy can boost confidence and engagement, and make employees and managers feel more in control. 

Improved Tracking with ESS

As easy as it is to get manual attendance wrong, it’s easier to incorrectly remember who’s been good on attendance all year. An ESS can help keep track of that both for employees and managers. Tracking may help employees be more motivated to report to work if they see that they’ve been out-of-office for more times than they remember. Managers can use tracking to help with decisions like work evaluations and shift rotations. Also, no need to constantly pester HR how many leaves, tardiness, or day-in-lieu do employees still have; all that information can be accessed on the ESS by the employees themselves. 

Having a system with a well-designed ESS is a game-changer when it comes to improving the employee experience. By giving your employees easy access, streamlining processes, and fostering a sense of ownership, you can make their stay with the company more convenient and more enjoyable. The result? Happier, more engaged employees who feel empowered and supported. If you want to start empowering employees with a power ESS system, you can do it for free! Sign up for a Salarium trial today.

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