Salarium and NordCham PH Host Discussion and Networking Night with 2018 Outstanding Employer Finalists

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Salarium and NordCham PH Host Discussion and Networking Night with 2018 Outstanding Employer Finalists

Salarium, in partnership with the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (NordCham Philippines), hosted an evening of talks, panel discussion, and cocktail networking with the nominees for NordCham’s coveted 2018 Outstanding Employer Award last April 25 at the Barhead Office in Makati City.

With the theme “The Makings of an Outstanding Employer,” the event featured presentations from Mailyn Borillo, president of OSM Maritime Services Inc.; Jhoanne Markley, senior manager at the Center of Expertise, Performance, and Rewards of Southeast Asia KONE Corporation; and Maria Suzanne Obando-Comagon, HR manager at Grundfos Holding A/S.

Takeaways for business and HR leaders

In their presentations, Borillo, Markley, and Obando-Comagon talked about their companies’ best practices in managing, developing, and retaining employees — the initiatives that earned them their places in this year’s Outstanding Employer Award shortlist.


Mailyn Borillo


Borillo shared how OSM considers its people as its biggest assets, which supports the company’s belief that the best way to develop itself is by developing its own people. A big name in maritime business since 1989, OSM instills in its employees the mindset the they are players — not victims — of the industry. Borillo and her team operate under the motto “happy, healthy, and wealthy employees,” which manifests in how OSM’s seafarers receive no less than business class treatment aboard ships and get free lunches in one of the metro’s best restaurants. The company invests heavily in training and process excellence, as well as in a mobile app that allows employees to download pay slips and training certificates easily.




Meanwhile, Markley talked about how enjoyable trainings and total rewards set KONE apart from other employers in the country. The global leader in escalator and elevator industry is known for its hands-on leaders, who constantly leave the comforts of their offices to closely communicate with and attend to the needs of employees. “Working with KONE is not just about compensation. More importantly, it’s about having fun and being a part of a family,” Markley said.




A mix of environment-friendly work practices, family-centered activities, and workspace innovations make up Grundfos’s employee engagement initiatives according to Obando-Comagon. The world-famous pump manufacturer takes pride in teaching its employees to be socially responsible while providing a generous number of paid leaves, a host of pro-family benefits, and a daily supply of nutritious food. The company also organizes events in which employees can bring their family to work and invests in height-adjustable office tables, which are known to provide health benefits to their users.

Panel discussion and networking

The presentations were followed by a panel discussion, in which the speakers fielded questions about people management, talent acquisition, employee retention, and talent development. NordCham Philippines Executive Director Joona Selin served as the moderator of the discussion. The floor was also opened for questions from the audience, which is comprised of business and HR leaders from various industries.


Panel discussion with the three nominees for NordCham PH’s 2018 Outstanding Employer Award. Photo credit: NordCham Philippines.


The best practices that were shared during the panel discussion include making company ambassadors out of employees, injecting a leadership mindset among new hires, adopting the 70:20:10 model for learning and development, and running internal apprenticeship programs.

The attendees proceeded to mingle with the speakers and with one another over cocktails and snacks after the panel discussion. “We enjoyed the discussion as well as the venue, which is perfect for networking with fellow industry leaders,” one of the attendees commented.


Salarium and NordCham PH


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