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Best Human Resource Management Practices

BY Avan Tan

The HR department is the most important team in every organization. As an HR professional, you are responsible for building a highly competent workplace and maintaining employee motivation. The work you do has the biggest contribution to the growth of your business. Here are 5 best human resource management practices



HR Trends and Highlights for August 2018

BY Therese Pempeña Articles

Here are the top news, events, and announcements that are shaping the latest HR trends in the Philippines this August. DOLE Amends Labor Code on Wage Reduction The Department of Labor has issued a new department order regarding rules and regulations on deduction of employee wages. DO 195 or “Rules


How To Compute For Overtime Pay

BY Judah Hirsch Attendance

Overtime pay can be a minor hassle or a huge problem. It all depends on how complicated your overtime scheme is. It can also vary depending on how big your company is. This can be particularly problematic during the end of the year. When your organization needs to reach targets


Strategic Value in Giving a Career Growth Path for Filipino Employees

BY Judah Hirsch Motivation

One of my favorite martial artists, Bruce Lee, once remarked,” Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.” I believe that this



The Work From Home Bill (Telecommuting Act) Now a Law: The Benefits - Inside Salarium

BY Sydney Dormitorio Laws

In the busy streets of business districts, some people think you should be thankful of surviving through a 45-minute traffic jam. For some people, this could be worse. A two-hour commute for a 9 to 6 desk job and a two-hour commute going back home has always been an issue


The Single Most Important Task of Every HR

BY Avan Tan Management

HR has the most important function in every organization. You are responsible for building and maintaining a competitive workforce. It all starts with sourcing and recruitment. Top companies have always been fighting over hiring the very best candidates for their business. This is  growing your business and increasing your profitability.


How To Start An Employer Branding Strategy

BY Avan Tan Culture

What Is Employer Branding? Employer branding is the process of evaluating your reputation in the job market combined with crafting and communicating value propositions that would make your company the employer of choice in order to attract top talents in your industry. Why It Matters? Every company has a brand.


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